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Vin Diesel Posted a 7-Minute Video of Himself on Facebook at 3AM Performing Beyonce and Katy Perry

Um...this deserves an OVERALL WTF?!? and also a second, ancillary WTF?!? for the camera placement. Vin, babe, you're a movie star for shit's sake, buy a

Vin Diesel Grabbed Police Car Loudspeaker to Pay His Respects to Paul Walker at Crash Site

Here is the transcript of what Vin Diesel said to onlookers who came to pay tribute to Paul Walker at the

Vin Diesel Seems Pretty Angry in the Trailer for ‘Riddick’

Riddick, not to be confused with Los Angeles Clippers sharpshooter JJ Redick,  is the third movie from the Chronicles of Riddick franchise. It's about Vin Diesel doing badass