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10 Athletes Who Would Have Made Excellent Vikings

They don't loot or plunder, but these professional athletes do their best to keep the Viking spirit alive and well. Whether it's their beards, their

Adrian Peterson Is Not Mortal, Starts the Season with a 78-Yard Touchdown

Adrian Peterson is not human. To the glee of fantasy owners everywhere, on his first carry of the season, AP charged out of the gates

Coaching Matters As We Check Out The Week 4 NFL Picks

The major takeaway I had from last week’s NFL games is that it amazes me how stupid some coaches are. Let’s take Minnesota’s Leslie Frazier

Here is the Double Decleater Highlight From Last Nights Vikings/Texans Game

Does it get any better than the last week of pre-season football? God I f*cking hope it does. Last night's Vikings/Texans game provided

Bill Simmons’s Tweet Confirmed: Randy Moss Traded to Vikings

If you haven't heard by now, the Patriots are close to trading wide receiver Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 2011 third-round pick. Moss

Brett Favre Retires (Again)

According to sources from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Brett Favre has informed Vikings officials and teammates that he does not