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‘Super Cop’ Has Closing Speed Like an NFL Free Safety, Nails Suspect From Behind

Faster than Darrell Green.

Watch a Bro Attempt to Drink One Gallon of Tabasco in Under Ten Minutes

This is so stupid.

Jason Sudeikis Went on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to Talk About the Best Sketches Never to Air on ‘SNL’

Sue me. I kind of like what Seth Meyers is doing with his show.

Holy Crap! This Footage of a Man Carjacking Three Rides in a Minute is ‘The Fast & The Furious’ IRL

A Dom Toretto wannabe.

‘The Ice Cream Van’ Is the Perfect Internet Video

This is it. This is the finest we will ever see.

Here’s What the Oscars Would Look Like If It Were Run by Frat Bros

Try not to laugh at the dude's pronunciation of "Smaug."

Classic Movies Shot in Vertical Video Is Trolling at Its Finest

Vertical video is a scourge that must be stopped. It’s the provenance of lazy people, ones who can’t be bothered [...]

This Collection of the Best Misunderstood Lyrics of 2013 is Great

As someone who always thought that Swedish House Mafia song said "Don't you worry child, Seattle's got a plan for you," I enjoyed the

I Can’t Stop Watching This Flapping Boat Tarp Set To Eminem

This is the best thing on the internet, at least for the next few days. 

No Rules, No Limits, No Loyalties: Need For Speed: Rivals Is One Heck of a Intense Thrill Ride

Like speed? Would you say you like it so much you have a need for it? If so then Need for Speed: Rivals is a

These Eighth Graders Scripted a Play So Their Special Needs Teammate Could Score

Keith Orr's mother had him play football so he could get structure in his life. 

Here are the Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

Axe murders. Botched executions. Mass TB epidemics. I'm going to go look at that guitar-loving dog now.

Watch This Baby Lion Practice It’s Roar

Sure, one day it will be a fierce jungle predator, but right now, listen to her adorable, little rawr. Her name is Masha. 

You Don’t Know English, According to Fascinating Video

Bro, do you even... speak English?

100 Greatest Vines of 2013 All in One Place

This is one instance where there is a need to thank us. An incredible need. Do it. Do it. 

Bored? Watch the Best Vines of 2013 (So Far)

The best vines of 2013? THE BEST VINES OF 2013! Well, the best Vines through July anyway. Still a worthwhile way to waste 12-minutes of

How to Stay Stuck In the Friendzone, with Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo (whether you read or sang his name, either are acceptable) has a new single out called The Other Side, which is about how to

Bored? Watch the Best of the Web Compilation

The fifth clip in a series packed with a whole lotta win.

Watch This Outrageous Nature Dude Catch a Wild Rabbit Using Snakes

Says one funny dude, "must be Steve Irwin's illegitimate child." 

Fat Dude Comedian Gets Attractive Heckler to Make Out with Him, Celebrates Like It’s the Super Bowl

The comedian's name is Jay Ward. Bar legend after this one.

Watch Rob Delaney Get Trolled While Trying to Promote His New Board Game

Tasha Van Der Sloot sits down with twitter human Rob Delaney to talk about his new board game, War of Words. Except that she doesn't. 

Jon Lajoie Drops ‘Started As a Baby’ a Song About Going From a Tiny Tit Sucker to a Grown Man

Seminal work right here. Take a bow, Jon Lajoie, as your ridiculousness knows no bounds.

K-Mart’s New Commercial is a Heaping Pile of Sh*t

When you think about cutting-edge companies, K-Mart doesn’t exactly leap to the forefront of your mind. But perhaps that will change after this poop-joke heavy

Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Watch This Stop-Motion Video of Inessa Chimato

Inessa Chimato is from the Ukraine, and she is not weak.

This Unique ‘Picture a Day’ Project Shows a Transgender’s Transformation from a Man to a Woman

I don't necessarily like prefacing posts with some sort of "the thing about the interent, is" type statement, but to be real, the thing about

8 Blown Calls in Sports History that Might Be Worse Than the Seahawks-Packers Disaster

Last night was bad. Really bad.

Guy Hilariously Trolls Republicans at RNC

The Republican National Convention has been action packed so far. Lots of speeches and Republican bonding, OH and this guy was also there wreaking havoc!

Watch Lucy Pinder Do Everyday Things…Sexually

I'd do just about anything to trade places with that trombone. I'd even learn how to play the trombone.

Here’s an Extremely Large-Breasted Woman Robbing a Gas Station

This is one case that wouldn’t suck catching. Talk about a righteous bust.

Tip Drill: This Week’s Tips Include a Blind Item, a Sick High School Prank, and a Puppy Killer

We get a whole boatload of tips here at BroBible and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hearing from you, the readers, is really

Chinese Girl Gets Swallowed By Sink Hole, Cab Driver Saves Her Life

A girl in China was minding her own business, walking down the street, and chatting on her cell phone. She wasn’t hurting anybody.

Television News: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Our news providers are dirty, foul-mouthed louts who constantly think about sex. Don’t believe me? Check out this compilation of anchors and reporters

Teenagers Play Chicken With Subway Train, Are Our Future

Teenagers at the Kingston Avenue station on New York’s No. 3 line decided to play chicken with an approaching subway train. Why? Because

What Do We Think of This Kid Dipping for First Time, Moaning Manically?

See the  kid exhibiting almost zero human behavioral traits? Yeah, according to our tipsters, he just packed an entire tin of Skoal mint

Spring Break in Panama City Beach Video Has Unexpected Ending

Here are some studious students from Georgia Southern enjoying Spring Break in Panama City Beach. You won’t predict how this thing ends. I

Let’s Watch Rihanna Roll Around in Her Underwear for Armani

Looks like Rihanna has landed herself a new TV spot with Armani and we definitely like the look of it. Check out homegirl rolling around

Here’s Episode 9 of Tiesto’s “In The Booth”

Here's Episode 9 of Tiesto's 'In the Booth' series. This episode highlights the Club Life College Invasion Tour that BroBible was proudly partnered on. Look

Here’s a Cris Cab ‘Snowstorm Tour’ Webisode

On May 31st Cris Cab will be lighting up Irving Plaza with us in NYC (get your tickets here) and he's recently been

‘48 Hours With Diddy’ Is Comical

Let's follow Diddy around the country for 48 hours while he hits Madison Square Garden, Foxwoods, NBA All-Star Weekend, The Oscars and more. Things you

Watch ‘N*ggas in Paris at Midnight’

It looks like someone's taken the liberty to make their own version of the 'N*ggas in Paris' video, splicing it together with Woody