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Watch Some Dude Try To Video-Bomb A Newscast Only To Get Punched In The Gut By A Sports Anchor


Live News is Videobombed by Brazil Fan Screaming ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’

Yelling "Fuck her right in the pussy" probably is the type of potty-mouth language that the news doesn't appreciate being aired on their broadcast.

Virginia Beach Bro Executes Perfect Videobomb By Chugging a Beer Behind a News Reporter

Shout out to this Virginia Beach bro who managed to perfectly videobomb an NBC 10 news reporter mid-report. Just chugging a beer like a boss

How to Pull off a Great Sports Photobomb

It's not enough to just go to a game anymore. You have to leave a mark. You need to put on your finest green suit

Roy Hibbert Just Made a Late 2013 Videobomb of the Year Submission

A good videobomb needs to be both creepy and stealth. 

Dwyane Wade Videobombed LeBron James With Cartwheels

The Miami Heat are on a quest for their third consecutive NBA title and are super-tense. Just kidding. They’re fucking around a lot – even

Hero Reporter Stops Videobomber By Asking Her If She Has STDs

In New Orleans right now, thousands of Super Bowl ticket-holders, NFL insiders, and people just there for the spectacle have descended upon the fair Southern

Watch This Ridiculous Georgetown Basketball Fan Hilariously Videobomb Bobby Knight

On Friday, Georgetown beat Tennessee by a whopping 37-36. The highlight of the game clearly came from off the court. 

Bubba Watson is Not Above Videobombing the Golf Channel

Once you win the Masters, you have a free pass to do whatever you want – as long as it’s not slamming scores of Perkins

Teachers Pull Giant, Dance-Filled Videobomb Prank on Students

Holy crap, is everyone talking about this video. I mean, my uncle, who still has a Lycos account, forwarded it to me. Yes,