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A Squirrel Repeatedly Hijacked Last Night’s Phillies-Rockies Game (Video)

An adorable interruption.

This Dog Has No Time For Stupid People Shenanigans

He does not give a fuck.

Here’s What It’s Like to Play Linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes

Can you handle it?

High Schooler Pulls Off the Most Impressive Soccer Throw-In You’ll Ever See

Except that, well, you'll see.

What if ‘Cosmos’ Was Made By Creationists?

Who made the heavens? Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This Video on Why We Procrastinate Is the Perfect Way to Procrastinate


If You Want to Watch the Opening Scene of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ (And You Do), Here It Is

It shows Sentinels hunting down the remaining X-Men

Watch the Girls of KKG at DePauw Get Down in Their Derby Days Dance Routine

Sorority girls doing choreographed routines will always be posted to BroBible.

Ho Hum, Just a Braless Miley Cyrus Shaking Her Titties in an Instagram Video

At least, we think she's braless.

Asher Roth Takes on the Arab Spring or Something in New Video for ‘the World Is Not Enough’

College is over for Asher.

This Dude Does the Best Animal Impressions We’ve Ever Seen

This is an impressive skill.

‘Intramural’ Is the Epic Sports Movie For Those Of Us Who Will Never Play Professional Sports

Why do famous people get all the glory?

VIDEO: Hannibal Buress Breaks Down the Most Ridiculous 90′s R&B Songs

What a decade.

Here’s an Extremely Educational (and Entertaining!) Video About Why Ketchup Is Hard to Pour

Science is finally on the case.

Group MMA Fighting Looks Absolutely NUTS

It's like legalized street brawling.

This Painfully Uncomfortable Video You Are About to Watch Is a Sign-Language Rap Battle With Wiz Khalifa

This is awkward.

Wanna Experience LSD This Morning? Watch This Video

This is pretty accurate, speaking NOT from experience.

Nothing Will Ever Top This Slow-Motion Video of a Dog Jumping on to a Couch and Failing

I mean, not nothing. Something will top it. Probably something tomorrow. But it's still good.

What If the Politics of ‘Game of Thrones’ Were as Dirty as America’s?

Is murdering an opponent considered going negative?

Wanna Learn Some Cool Ass Shit About Octopuses? Of Course You Do

Did you know they have brains IN THEIR ARMS?

San Diego Padres Ballgirl Makes Terrific Catch

Nice snag.

‘Super Cop’ Has Closing Speed Like an NFL Free Safety, Nails Suspect From Behind

Faster than Darrell Green.

Oh Hell YES! The Second Trailer for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Just Dropped

I got chills.

Hockey Skate-Ruining Concrete Wasn’t Enough to Prevent These Two AHL Players from Brawling after Being Ejected

Hockey players are nuts.

The Video for Kylie Minogue’s ‘Sexercise’ Will Make You Want to Have Sex With Kylie Minogue

The name pretty much says it all.

Cameron Ridley’s Layup at the Buzzer Gave Texas a Win, Devastated Arizona State’s Bench

The complexity of human emotion.

Adding Up All the Damage John Spartan and Simon Phoenix Caused in ‘Demolition Man’

It's got Demolition in the title, so you know it's a lot.

Watch a Bro Attempt to Drink One Gallon of Tabasco in Under Ten Minutes

This is so stupid.

Watch 10 Minutes of Buzzer-Beaters from This College Basketball Season


‘Jurassic Park’s’ Most Harrowing Scene Gets a Lot More Terrifying When You Add Cats

Cats as dinosaurs is surprisingly scary.

World’s Most Dedicated Process Server Hands Ciara Lawsuit Papers While She Performs

Process server? Wow, you're a servant? Like a butler? A chauffeur? Shine shoes?

What’s Going On with the NHL Lockout? This Video Explains All

It's titled the "The NHL 2012-2013 Lockout Rant," though it really just sounds like an angry Match.com commercial. Either way, it does a solid job

Sammy Adams Drops Official Video for ‘All Night Longer’

Not too long ago, I professed my undying love to what appeared to be a user-generated, video tribute of sorts to Boston Boy's new

The Dictator Dumped Kim Jong-Il’s Ashes on Ryan Seacrest

After a highly publicized back-and-forth with the Oscars brass earlier this week, Sacha Baron Cohen showed up as The Dictator on the red carpet minutes

This Jam Helped Jeremy Evans Win the Slam Dunk Contest

Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans won last night's Slam Dunk contest thanks large in part to this double jam. It was probably the

Someone Turned Off the Lights During Nets-Pacers Game

The person charged with keeping the lights on at Bankers Life Fieldhouse bravely tried to escape a rather tepid Indiana Pacers-New Jersey Nets

Riot Breaks Out After Boxing Match in Argentina, Folding Chairs Fly

Things turned ugly after a boxing match in Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend. And by ugly, I mean that everyone in the place

Watch DUBSET’s Electric Zoo Recap Video

You may remember watching DUBSET's 'A Night In The Life' video from our Sam Adams concert at Terminal 5 this past

Ballplayers Respond (through Batting Stance Guy) to Landing on SI.com Meanest MLB Players List

Earlier this month, SI.com conducted a poll of 215 MLB players to find out who is the meanest of them all.

Watch SpongeBob Square Pants Get In A Fight With Two Women and Get Arrested

Last week, it was Gumby robbing a 7-11. This week, it's a deranged SpongeBob Square Pants starting a fight with two women, getting