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Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Kill It Freestyling

Because his life is dope.

Video of Ostrich Running Set to ‘Push It to the Limit’ Will Inspire You

It inspired me, to post it to the internet.

You’ll Want to Kill Everything and Everyone After Listening to ‘Brooklyn Girls’

You are about to hear the worst song ever.

Here’s Something You Never Thought to Ask. Why Is Your Brain in Your Head?

It could just as well be in your foot.

VIDEO: Trillest Crab Ever Steals Bro’s Beer

Oooh. Oooh. It's Mr. Steal Your Beer.

Next Level Pool Dunk Video Involves Flaming Ring of Fire

And a GoPro.

Ever Wonder What Makes Your Tattoos So Permanent?

Being cool takes sacrifice.

VIDEO: Ballsiest Dude Ever Ignores Cops Shooting at Him, Gets Shot

He also throws things at the cops.

Fast Food Urban Legends: Are They True?

No, Taco Bell does not use horsemeat. Anymore.

If You’re Gonna Make a Selfie Video, Set It to Some Third Eye Blind Like This Bro

Doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo...

DudeBro With GoPro Riding Dirt Bike Gets Rear Ended, Winds Up on Roof of Other Car

Unfortunate, certainly.

VIDEO: Crane Smashes Truck, Europeans Go ‘No, No, Mi Scusi’

Stupid Eye-talians

‘Henry’s Cooking Show’ Is the Most Absurd, Dark, Hilarious Video Ever

He makes baked spaghettis.

Strap In For ‘Everything Wrong With The Matrix: Reloaded’ (It’s a Lot)

A lot, a lot.

This Is One Weird Ass Ninja-Themed Lacrosse Equipment Commercial

The blending of Asian and American cultures.

Brazilian Street Performer Absolutely Nails Cover of Dire Straits’ ‘Sultan of Swing’

Es perfecto (in Portuguese).

You Won’t Make It 20 Seconds Into This Un-Autotuned Britney Spears’ Song Without Barfing

It's that bad.

Remember the Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Foods? He’s Got a Tiny Hedgehog Friend

And it's his birthday!

What If ‘Star Wars’ Took Place on Planet Earth?

Germany, specifically.

Amazing Drummer Plays Every Blink 182 Song in Five Minutes

Well, the popular ones.

Hahaha This Adorable Baby Horse Isn’t Very Good at Being a Horse

Horses are supposed to be majestic.

You Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Rafael Nadal Juggle a Tennis Ball


Baby Eating a Lemon Is Your Sunday Night D’awww

Everyone needs a smile.

What It’s Like to Fall Off a Longboard at 40 MPH

It hurts.

‘Kill Bill’ Makes an Excellent Early 90s Video Game

Could Beatrix take on Lara Croft?

Drunk Bro Thinks He Can Manhandle an Alligator, Cannot

Well, duh.

Your 2014 Song of the Summer Is This Slightly Racist EDM Jam

It's only racist if making fun of Spanish people is racist.

What If Arnold Schwarzenegger Farted in All His Classic Scenes?

You'd have YouTube gold.

Camera Catches Woman Punched Out in Vicious Boost Mobile Store Robbery


This Treadmill Fail Video Is a Pretty Great Treadmill Fail Video

Watching this is not a bad way to spend seven seconds.

Hot Model in Swimsuit Eating Watermelon Is Strangely Erotic

The word 'juicy' comes to mind.

This Book of Mormon/South Park Animated Mash-Up Is Pure Bliss

Couldn't be better.

This Fake Grey Poupon Ad Is So Stupid Yet So Funny

You think you know where it's going, and you're right.

GoPro of a God Damn Fighter Jet Launching off an Aircraft Carrier

Yes, please.

A New Trailer For ‘Sin City 2′ Is Here

And yes, Eva Green's boobs make an appearance.

Share This Super Cute Video of a Baby Goat Stampede with the Ladies in Your Life

Might even get you laid.

10 Best Track and Field Fails of All Time

More like... wait for it... Track and Fail

Brad Paisely Stole a Fan’s GoPro and Performed a Guitar Solo With It

It's from the fretboard's perspective and it's cool as fuck.


We excite, yo.

VIDEO: Norwegian Cops Are Just Delightful

Scandinavian culture at its finest.