mad max

The Official ‘Mad Max’ Trailer Is Twice As Insane As All The Previous Ones


The Mad Max trailers keep getting better and better and better.

holy sheep

This Lamb Was Born With A Human Face And It’s Terrifying Because Lambs Should Have Lamb Faces

By | 6 Comments

I woke up this morning under the false pretense that all lambs were created equal.

gooshy sensations

This Baby Monkey Petting A Litter Of Puppies Will Make The Broiest Bro Feel Gooshy


If your body isn't tingling right now, I have no room for you in my friend circle.

controversial call

Cleveland High School Loses State Title Over Controversial Technical Foul For Hanging On Rim, Your Thoughts?

By | 2 Comments

Cleveland Central Catholic lost the Ohio Division II State Championship to Defiance High School, due in part to a controversial call in the final minute of the game.

tug of war

Instead Of A Rope, Polish People Play Tug Of War With A Boat


Polish people do not how to play tug of war, using a boat instead.

hooded warriors

Circumcision Protester Will Give You A Foreskin Sculpture if You Donate $1,000 To His Campaign, Seems Excessive


Italian artist and snake oil salesman, Vincenzo Aiello, is pretty sensitive about foreskin.

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