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The OFFICIAL ‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game Trailer Is Here And It’s Guaranteed To Send Shivers Down Your Spine


The official Game of Thrones video game trailer is here, and I don’t care if you hate the A Song of Ice and Fire series or if the sight of Game of Thrones on television makes you vomit uncontrollably, you will play this game.

call of duty

You’ll Never Believe How Many BILLIONS Of Dollars ‘Call Of Duty’ Games Have Made To-Date


Everyone knows that Call of Duty is one of the most financially successful video game franchises of all time.

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This Real Life Mario Kart Race Through The Streets Of Tokyo Looks Insane And I Want In


I'm not sure if Mario Kart is the first video game I'd recreate in real life if given the chance but this does look pretty balls.

grand theft auto v

Here’s A Full List Of All The New Grand Theft Auto 5 Songs For Xbox One/PS4

By | 2 Comments

Not going to lie, I've been EXTREMELY conflicted on whether or not to buy Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One over the last few days.

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22-Year-Old Is Making $1 Million A Year Playing ‘Call Of Duty’ Professionally


If you'r a casual Call of Duty player, like me, there's a pretty good chance you're not familiar with 22-year-old named Matt Haag a.

game of thrones

Images From The Upcoming ‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game Have Leaked And They Look SICK


I’d like to start this off by saying that the game developer of the upcoming Game of Thrones video game, Telltale, has not confirmed that these are images from the game that they’re developing.

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