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Nintendo Is FINALLY Making A Pokemon Game Where You Fight AS THE POKEMON

About time.

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This ‘Madden 15′ Physics Engine Glitch

Sometimes EA gets things right, sometimes EA gets things very, very wrong.

‘Madden’ 15 Out Today — Celebrate With A Graphic Proving ‘Madden Curse’ Is Legit

I’m a firm believer in curses, and not just in sports, but in life. Here’s how firmly I believe in […]

The New ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster Was Leaked And You’ll Never Guess The Characters Nintendo’s Included

Some old school characters are making a return.

Weird Video Game Sex Confessions

Nerds have hormones too, according to this video.

Man’s Epic ‘Madden’ Freak-Out Shows How Absurd Sports Video Games Can Be

The struggle is oh so real.

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Multiplayer Trailer Hits the Web

I love the Call of Duty franchise, so the multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare got me amped as hell.

This Incredible GIF Shows How to Survive a Head-Shot In a First-Person Shooter

I'm sure weirder things have happened in multiplayer first-person shooter skirmishes, but...

Even the Video Game Version of Luis Suarez Can’t Stop Biting People

The guy has a real problem.

Watch Stephen Colbert Take A Steaming Dump On The Kim Kardashian Video Game That It So Rightfully Deserves

Great, now it smells like poop in here.

Breaking Down Every Character From ‘Street Fighter II’ for SNES

The best game ever.

NFL Rookies React to Their Madden 15 Ratings With Disbelief

Lack of respect.

Woah: A Lacrosse Video Game for Xbox and Playstation is REALLY, REALLY Close to Happening

Last October I wrote about a Kickstarter campaign promising a lacrosse video game for Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

This DIY Nintendo 64 Table Is Freakin’ Amazing

OMG... 20-year-old me doesn't just want this table... 20-year-old me NEEDS this table for those marathon Mario Kart, Goldeneye, and Smash Bros sessions in

You Can Play Tetris (Like, Actually Play Tetris) on This T-Shirt

A Tetris t-shirt is a bold and unconventional prop to help you get laid.

A Deluded Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Because A Game Character Is MAYBE Based On Her

Oh LiLo, just stick with the cocaine and leave video games alone.

So There’s A New Video Game Where You Run Around And Tear Off People’s Clothing…And Here’s A Video Of it

I don't understand how this hasn't been made until now.

What If ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Was a First-Person Shooter?

Maybe this just says a lot about what post-grad life is like, but one of the highlights of my 2014 is beating Grand Theft Auto

‘Kill Bill’ Makes an Excellent Early 90s Video Game

Could Beatrix take on Lara Croft?

Kim Kardashian’s New Video Game Made My Eyes Bleed And My Eardrums Rupture

But actually. I'm writing this from an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

This Mario Kart Drinking Game is AWESOME

As every group of college kids in the entire world knows, Mario Kart is 1000x better when booze is involved.

60-Year-Old Grandpa Plays ‘Call Of Duty,’ Can’t Stop Throwing Insults

This 60-year-old grandpa might be the ultimate Call of Duty grandpa, screaming "Goddamn it!" and "Blow me!" every chance he gets.

In the Future, Everything Is a Video Game

“The future is now,” video games companies want us to believe.

I Can’t Stop Laughing At Conan O’Brien Playing The New ‘Super Smash Brothers’ For Wii U

You'd think Coco wouldn't suck this hard at video games.

‘Realistic Mortal Kombat’ Shows What Happens When You Perform a Fatality in Real Life

You fail, miserably.

We Just Watched The New 2015 ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Trailer And Collectively Jizzed Ourselves

And Princess Zelda wasn't even featured in the video.

The First Trailer for ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Video Game Will Make You Nerdgasm

After a truly annoying amount of delays, every video game-playing Bro's dream of a new Star Wars game is about to become a reality.

The FIFA 15 Gameplay Trailer Is an Emotional Tour de Force

Can you kick it?

How Insane Does This Gameplay Footage from ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Look?

It's E3 out in Los Angeles this week, which means that all the major video game studios and production houses are hyping their forthcoming releases.

Someone Recreated the ‘Terminator 2′ Car Chase Using ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′

Come with Trevor if you want to live.

Luigi Is a Massive Prick In the New ‘Mario Kart’ Game

You're probably a huge tool if your go-to character in Mario Kart is Luigi.

Here are the 2 Finalists for the Madden 15 Cover

Two enter, one will emerge.

FINISH HIM: Here’s the Trailer for the New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Video Game

Sub-Zero vs Scorpion... WHO YOU GOT?!

Here’s the Badass Gameplay Trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’


Is Rockstar Games Making a ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Sequel To Be Released in the Next Year?

Saddle up those horses and throw on those John Marston hats.

Bruce Lee’s Character in EA Sports First UFC Game Looks Amazing

He's going to be like Michael Vick in Madden '04.

“Game of Thrones: Super Mario World” Combines Everything You Love

Fantasy world.

Yasiel Puig Hits a Grand Slam With Himself in a Video Game, Celebrates Like a Madman

Very meta.

So a ‘Shaq Fu’ Sequel Is Really Happening…

Good news for '90s babies who remember being TERRIBLY disappointed in "Shaq Fu" for S-NES at the age of 7: A Shaq Fu sequel, nearly

The ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Reveal Trailer Featuring Kevin Spacey Is Absolutely Insane

Actor Kevin Spacey will play a part in the upcoming Call of Duty game.