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Let’s Watch a Nicely Dressed Kate Upton Perform Victor Cruz’s Touchdown Dance at MetLife Stadium

Because it's a thing of beauty. 

Victor Cruz and Chris Ivory On the Xbox One, ‘Madden’, and Why Every Bro Needs the Xbox NFL App

Earlier this week the folks at Microsoft invited BroBible to swing by the swanky Chelsea loft to check out the NFL app on the Xbox One

Week Two Highlights Roundup: Watch Trent Richardson Go Into Beast Mode, Plus a Victor Cruz Salsa

Oh, glorious football Sunday! We've spent a good portion of it in a nearby bar, but we've recovered enough to deliver some GIFs and videos

Was Victor Cruz Really Declaring Himself Down or Did the Cardinals Get Screwed?

If you watched yesterday's Giants-Cardinals (NFL) game or highlights later on, you probably saw the controversial late-fourth-quarter play that some are arguing the refs blew