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Bill Murray Wingmans For a Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran, Hooks Him Up with a Group of Hot Chicks

Do you need another amazing reason to love Bill Murray or what?

Runners Stop In the Middle of a Marathon to Honor a 95-Year-Old WWII Veteran For His Service

During an 8K for the Pat Tillman Foundation in San Jose, California, something special happened along the route.

Iraq War Veteran with PTSD Is the First Person to Buy Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Today -- January 1st, 2014 -- marks the very first day Colorado's marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell to recreational marijuana users. According to The Verge, first customer to

Today In Awesome News About the Oldest Living Veterans In the United States

Just two members of the Greatest Generation, Broing out like the Bro heros that they are. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. 

A WWII Veteran Died with No One To Attend His Funeral. You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next…

Though this starts out as a sad story, it's one of the most incredible things I've ever read online. Good work, Internet. Bros... Pour one out

U.S. Recent Veterans Still Face Awful Unemployment Numbers, Other Challenges

As we wrap up a day committed to honoring U.S. veterans, we'd be remiss to not reflect on just how difficult their lives are in 2013. Because other young

‘War Dogs,’ A Documentary About Helping Vets with PTSD Is a Good Way to Kick Off Veteran’s Day

Today is obviously Veteran's Day. We at BroBible respect and admire everything our servicemen and women (past and present) have done for us. So naturally,

This Time-Lapse Makeover of Homeless U.S. Army Veteran Will Tug At Your Heart

When I see shit like this I'm equal parts touched and pissed off, because you know there are so many others like U.S. Army Veteran Jim

Elementry School Student Writes a Hilarious Accidental Note to a Veteran

Veterans Day is this upcoming Monday, and what better way to give men and women of the U.S. Armed forces warm-and-fuzzies than adorable notes of

Sh*tty Day? Suck It Up & Remember How 69 Years Ago Today, American Heroes Stormed a Beach in France

For those of you who haven't looked at a calendar, today is June 6, or D-Day. That means that if you're having a shitty day

Read Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Inouye’s Badass Medal of Honor Citation from World War II

The world lost a Bro legend today. Long-time Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away at 88. A veteran of World War II, Sen. Inouye has

Your Daily Reminder to Be Friends with the Veterans at Your College

The Atlantic has a powerful piece out today on the troubles veterans are finding after coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and using the G.I.

World War II Vets From Army’s 84th Infantry Division Gather For A Final Reunion in St. Louis

Yesterday the STL Today ran a bittersweet story about a group of World War II veterans from the Army's 84th Division who are meeting for

Watch a Vet Who Lost His Arm in Afghanistan Catch a Foul Ball at Yankee Stadium

In case you missed SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays on Friday night, we're absolutely confident this is the best foul ball snag you'll see today. During

RIP: Last American WWI Vet Frank Buckles Passes Away at 110

Just 28 days ago, on the first of February, Frank Buckles, the last surviving World War I doughboy, quietly celebrated his 110th birthday on his

10 Extraordinary Post-Service Achievements by American Veterans

Many American military veterans have gone on to do great things after they completed their service in the armed forces. Some went on to be