jay leno

Jay Leno Surprises Tragically Wounded Soldier With $60,000 Car—Be Prepared To Get Choked Up


Aside from being on TV forever, the most notable thing about Jay Leno is his obsession with cars.

stupid criminals

Man Tries To Break Into The House Of A U.S. Army Veteran, Veteran Kicks The Living Shit Out Of Him (Video)


It's videos like this -- and the desire to not be a fucking lowlife pice of shit -- that keep me from breaking into people's homes.

veterans day

This Supercut of Members Of The Military Being Reunited With Their Families Is All You Need On Veterans Day


Every year when November 11th rolls around,  I always think about how fortunate computer-typing desk monkeys like myself  have it.

hot takes

Radio Host Michael Savage Says ‘Veterans With PTSD Are Destroying America’


Back on October 14th, radio host windbag Michael Savage had a hot take directed towards military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, including calling them "weak," "narcissistic," and "losers.


Uber Will Hire 50,000 Military Veterans Over The Next Year And A Half


I feel bad for people who live in cities that don't have Uber.

bro heroes

Bro Picks Up A Sick Vietnam War Vet At A Bus Stop In A Ferrari. What Happens Next Gets All Of The Feels…


I have to give major props to the YouTube channel whatever for this tremendous video.


Runners Stop In the Middle of a Marathon to Honor a 95-Year-Old WWII Veteran For His Service


During an 8K for the Pat Tillman Foundation in San Jose, California, something special happened along the route.

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