Eminem Swore More Than A Sailor With Chlamydia During His Veteran’s Day Concert With Rihanna—And People Are Pissed


Last night in honor of Veteran's Day Eminem performed in our Nation's capital with Rihanna, and in true Shady style he didn't censor himself at all.

veterans day

This Supercut of Members Of The Military Being Reunited With Their Families Is All You Need On Veterans Day


Every year when November 11th rolls around,  I always think about how fortunate computer-typing desk monkeys like myself  have it.

veteran s day

Baskin-Robbins Pays Tribute To Our Nation’s Veterans With New Camouflage Ice Cream

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Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream is making headlines today after debuting their new 'Camouflage Ice Cream' as a salute to veterans everywhere in honor of 2014 Veteran's Day, falling next week, November 11th, 2014.


Marine Corps Ball gets even better when a dance contest breaks out


It's Veterans Day, a time of year to remember the sacrifices our troops make for us around the globe.

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