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This Guy Bought 400 CASES of Beer at a Vegas Night Club, Built Gigantic Wall of Beer Around Table

Wait. This wasn't Dan Bilzerian?

Vegas Club Promoter Texts Bachelorette Saying Her Party Can Be Comped If There Are No ‘Whales or Hippos’

I can't believe how polite this chick remained. I would have been like, "Dude, kill yourself," if I were her.

Joe Flacco Looks Like Quite the Goober Hanging in Las Vegas

Just looking like a white dude.

Bro Buys a Hooker In Vegas, Plus Several Tales of Several Girls in One Night

It's an all-new Hook. Up. Heroes!

Las Vegas Has Awesome Rules for DJs Playing Sets After 3AM

It's about damn time someone stepped in to police overpaid DJs being lazy-asses during their sets. New Vegas club AFTER just posted a list of

A True Vegas Story: Down Three Grand, Only $120 Left & My Last Stand

For the duration of my last three-day trip to Sin City, it was ugly. I was like a blind guy playing Jenga — I couldn’t

You Must Watch These Hot-Ass Twerking Dance Teams Practice Their Craft

Reader email reads: "Please tell me this has crossed your desk... Oh. My. Goodness. Love it... There must be some shit going down in Vegas that they're preppin

10 Awesome Things We Saw at American Honey’s #Barsity Kickball Tournament in Vegas

When American Honey offered to fly us out to Las Vegas to check out the Bar-Sity World Championships, boasting a $10,000 kickball tournament, we couldn’t

Just an Awesome Pic of Kate Upton Dancing at the Club In Vegas

You know you want to party with Kate Upton. EVERYONE wants to party with Kate Upton. Chick can dance. Get at it, girl. 

Airplane Passengers Sing ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ After Being Stuck on Vegas Tarmac For Hours

I understand the symbolism of the song they chose, but I personally would have opted for R. Kelly's World's Greatest if we're going down the road

10 Things Guys Should Know When Traveling to Las Vegas

Given that we’re four days away from summer, it’s time to release our BroBible Travel Guides. All summer long we’ll be

You Haven’t Lived Until You Watch a Sex Toy Race In Vegas

Finally, something new to bet on in Vegas: Sex toy races! 

Man Gives Best F*ckin Tour of a Las Vegas Ever

Well, sorta. If it was a true Vegas tour, he'd be ham-bone drunk dancing on top of a table in the Cosmopolitan or something. And

Prince Harry Partying Naked in Vegas, Now With Photographic Proof

They can make Prince Harry shower every day and put him in the fanciest clothes in England, but deep down, Bro is still going to

Paulina Gretzky Went to a Deadmau5 Concert In Las Vegas and Took Some Pictures

Just like the rest of the world, we're big fans of Paulina Gretzky's Instagram. Over the weekend, Paulina's @pmgypsy Instagram account was abuzz with new activity,

Instagram Founders Go to Vegas to Party with Deadmau5 & Avicii After Selling Company for $1 Billion

Huge Bro move. Look: Selling your sepia-filter social network to Facebook for a cool $1 billion (in two days, too!) is badass enough. So how

How Will Your Favorite MLB Team Fare Against Vegas’s Over/Under Predictions?

When the baseball season officially started last week in Tokyo, most people didn’t realize it was happening. Not only did Major League Baseball mistakenly put

Guy Wins $50,000 Thanks to Genius Super Bowl Safety Bet

Even with 50-1 odds, everyone probably laughed at Benjamin Lyons when he bet $1,000 the first scoring play of the Super Bowl would be a

How To Get Around Your Friend’s Fiancee’s Attempt to Sabotage His Bachelor Party

Q. My close friend just got engaged. His fiancée owns him and we are worried the bachelor party is going to suck because her father and

Las Vegas is Slightly More Dirty Than Previously Thought

Love Vegas? Me too. That's why it pained me to learn that one of its main attractions, has also just been uncovered as one of

This Is What the Receipt for a $189,375 Night on the Town in Vegas Looks Like

Here's the blingtastic bill from a wild night in the Wynn hotel's Tryst nightclub. The waitstaff member who snapped the photo has yet to divulge

Man Dressed As Batman Gets Beat-Up in Vegas

I'm going to go ahead and go on record by saying that this Batman is probably an impostor. No way the real Bruce Wayne would

Like Father, Like Sons: Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan Gamble $56K on Vegas Vacation, Tweet About It

This past weekend Marcus and Jeffrey Jordan headed to Las Vegas with their dad, Michael Jordan, for a little rest and relaxation before the school