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Vanilla Ice Called Out Wiz Khalifa For Having No Ninja Street Cred

Yea. This is a thing that's happening.

Really Hot Matron of Honor Sings Her Rendition of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ During Her Wedding Speech

May 28, 2014...the day I learned the difference between a Maid of Honor and a Matron of Honor.

Vanilla Ice Rocked the Mic Like a Vandal During Halftime of the Houston Texans Game

Shockingly, high-quality footage of this blessed event is difficult to find. You’d think that we’d want to preserve this seminal moment for future generations. Perhaps

‘Ice Ice Baby’ Sung By the Movies

The world didn't ask for it, but we got it anyway. Don't you just love with that happens? 

Vanilla Ice Sang ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at the Milwaukee Bucks Halftime on Saturday, You Guys

When he's not flipping houses with his rag-tag crew for the DIY Network in Florida, Vanilla Ice is evidently available for small-market NBA team's halftime

For Some Reason, Erin Andrews and Vanilla Ice Danced Together

Vanilla Ice was on ESPN headquarters in Bristol today to go through the car wash and promote his upcoming movie “That’s My Boy.” Synergy, the

Here’s Vanilla Ice Singing an Indie Rock Version of ‘Ice, Ice Baby’/‘Ninja Rap’

Did you ever think you'd live to see Vanilla Ice rebrand himself as an indie rock hipsters? Yep, me either. Last I heard,