instant karma

Rowdy Youths Vandalize Random Cars, Instant Karma Shows Up When They Choose The Wrong Car To Mess With

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Whoever believes there's no justice in the world surely hasn't seen this video yet.


Girlfriend Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Cheating And Leaves Him A ‘Happy’ Little Message Painted All Over His Bedroom


With all of these wonderful stories about scorned ex-lovers getting petty revenge on their once-significant others it kind of makes me wish my boyfriend would cheat on me so I could fuck his life up.

michigan state

Michigan’s Block M Vandalized With Green Paint Supporting Michigan State, Greatly Improved


  It has been three years and one week since Michigan last scored a touchdown against Michigan State.


Justin Bieber Will Only Face Misdemeanor Charges for Egging Incident


Crime of the century downgraded to much smaller crime.

word origins

9 common phrases that are actually racist


Language is constantly changing and evolving, words and phrases fall in and out of favor, new terms are created, old phrases start to take on new meanings, etc.

Weird people

Don’t Be The Guy Arrested For Breaking Into Your Old High School In Spiderman Underwear


A 23 year old Ohio man was arrested this past Sunday for doing just that.

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