Let’s Not Forget That Today, April 18th, Is Anal Sex Day!


If you're not familiar with Jim Jefferies, he is an outstanding comedian from Australia.


Tyrese Gibson Borrowed His Date’s Phone And Caught Her Googling His Net Worth, So He Put It On Instagram


If we're to believe Tyrese Gibson, who later deleted the Instagram post below, the story goes like this.

tinder messages

Valentine’s Day Cards Made From Tinder Messages Proves That Romance Is Not Dead


As William Shakespeare once said, "As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.

valentine s day

The Benefits of Being Single on Valentine’s Day


It's a lot of fun being single on Valentine's Day.

affordable valentine s day dates

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Break the Bank

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Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite holiday based on Chicago mafia killings, is nearly upon us.


Dallas Stars Players’ Epic Valentine’s Day Prank On Mothers To Do The Unthinkable


Winter is full of landmines for guys that have been dating the same girl for a long time.


ShredYourEx Destroys Photos Of Your Ex For Some Sweet Valentine’s Day Revenge


Looking for a fun way to exact some vengeance on your ex this Valentine's Day.

truth or drink

Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink,’ Reveal They Banged In A Chicken Coop


The good folks over at Cut Video had eight couples (including the director’s grandparents) play a loving game of "Truth or Drink.


Bro Gets Girlfriend Sketched As Disney Princesses For Valentine’s Day, Is Going To Have LOTS Of Sex This Weekend

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Bros: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means those of you with girlfriends have a solid couple of hours to get wine and chocolates and buy flowers and make dinner reservations to a place that's not Applebees.

Valentine's Day

These Are The Most Honest Valentine’s Day Cards Ever And They’re Amazing


There's a ton of pressure that goes along with choosing a Valentine's Day card.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Is Actually Awesome


I realize this is a contrarian view of how Valentine’s Day is perceived, especially on a site like this, but it looks like the comment section isn't working, so I can say whatever the fuck I want and assume everyone agrees with it… Valentine’s Day really isn’t that bad.

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