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Guys, It’s Breakup Season!!

Guys. Gals, too! Sure, you can join us. Come close. Closer. Can you feel my lips against your ear? No? […]

Valentine’s Day Is Actually Awesome

I realize this is a contrarian view of how Valentine’s Day is perceived, especially on a site like this, but […]

Here’s Everything Possibly Wrong with ‘The Notebook,’ Which You Should Definitely Show To Your Girlfriend

Do you hate The Notebook? Do you have a significant other who worships The Notebook, and you genuinely don’t give […]

Bro’s Valentine’s Day Prank Goes Wrong When He Gets Decked in Face

If you ask a bouncer for a kiss, you’re gonna have a bad time. Remember that, kids. [H/T: Guyism]

Adult Film Website Turned Hilarious User Comments Into Valentines

Who THE FUCK comments on clips of porn? I don’t know who comments on the Internet in general, but when […]

3 Ways To Do Valentines Day on the Cheap

Now, to preface, we mean Valentine’s Day here from the perspective of a person in an official relationship. If you’re […]

This Quiz Will Tell A Dude Exactly How to Spend Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is confusing for Dudes. It’s like watching a really hot porno where the big reveal is that “she” is a “he” and you

Frat Dude Talks to Strangers About Valentine’s Day

Two weeks ago we got to see how people were celebrating the Super Bowl. In this week's edition I talk to people about a very

An Open Letter to Valentine’s Day, That Good For Nothing Son of a Bitch

Dear Valentine’s Day,

Michigan Man Arrested for Giving His Incarcerated Girlfriend the Gift of Watching Him M*sturbate

Here's the $100,000 question: If your girlfriend's incarcerated and it's Valentine's Day do you OR do you not drive to the jail house, park your

Four Simple Steps to Get You Through Valentine’s Day

Q. Valentine's Day. It’s coming. WHAT DO I DO?

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Valentine’s Day

They should have taken this rant in a less obvious direction. And they still need to lose the old dude with the glasses.

For the Single Man: 8 Places to Meet Girls and Get Laid on Valentine’s Day

I'm sure you're feeling the way I am today: sick of all this Valentine's Day talk. Is it so bad that I just want

Enter to Win a Perfect Gentleman’s Valentine’s Day Guide From Gillette

Waiting ’til the last minute to plan your perfect Valentine’s Day? Good, because we’re hosting a last-minute Valentine’s Day giveaway with our friends from Gillette.

A Simple Guide to Making Your Girl Happy on Valentine’s Day

All right gentleman, it’s that time of year: V-Day. Not V for vag*na (although play your cards right and you’ll be seeing some) or V

How to Prevent Girls from Getting the Wrong Idea, and Other Nuggets of Advice

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