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Utah’s Football Team Had a Dance-off

Taking it to the streets.

This Guy Paid His College Tuition in $1 Bills

On Tuesday, University of Utah student Luq Mughal paid his tuition in one-dollar bills. The 21-year-old said the act was a "silent protest" against Utah's 5% rise

Utah High School Football Team Wins on Improbable Hail Mary

Even atheists believe in Hail Marys. Well, when they work.

The Ending to Saturday’s Utah vs. BYU Game Was a Wee Bit Dramatic

Can a team's own fans cost them the game? The Ute faithful tried awfully hard last night, but ultimately still managed to walk away with

Man Writes Own Obituary, Comes Clean Regarding His Many, Many Lies

I haven’t put a tremendous amount of thought into it, but I didn’t know you could write your own obituary. That right there is a

You Have No Idea How Badly I Want to Do This Epic 40-Foot Slip’n Slide Off a Cliff

Another thing to add to your bucket list, via this evening's Hot Clicks. Here's what you need to know, via the YouTube description: "One of

This Looks Fun: Swinglining Between Canyons in Moab, Utah

Don't quote me on it, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time BroBible has ever posted anything remotely related to rock climbing. That