Ranking The Schools With Most NFL Draft Picks Over The Past Decade


On April 30th, 2015, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select Jameis Winston as the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, bringing FSU's number of NFL draft pics in the past decade up to 54 (with 14 first rounders).

jake olson

Blind Long Snapper Jake Olson May Actually Play For USC


  Jake Olson has been an honorary member of the USC football team for six years.


Alpha Epsilon Pi And Sigma Chi At USC Threw The SICKEST Day Drink You’ll Ever See

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I’ve been out of college for almost a full year now, and the only thing I really miss about it were the day drinks where it was completely acceptable to be black-out drunk by 1 p.


FIJI At The University Of Southern California Threw An INSANE Luau Rave Party That You Need To See To Believe


I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of “college” I think of a bunch of blacked-out nights spent at various bars and basement parties where people spent a total of maybe $200 on liquor and Natty Lite.

college parties

USC’s AEPaint Party 2015 Has So Many Twerking Girls That You’ll Question Your College Decision


Last spring the recap video from USC's AEPaint Party made the BroBible team wonder why we went to college where we did.

national signing day

Now That ‘National Signing Day’ Is Over, Let’s Look At Which Schools Make The Most Out Of Their Recruits


With the announcement from Iman Marshall that he'll be attending the University of Southern California, 'National Signing Day' has officially come to a close.

university of southern california

Sigma Alpha Mu At USC’s Black Light Paint Party Looks Like The Party Of The Goddamn Century


  If you like paint, black lights and rowdy college kids, this “Warhol” party thrown by Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Southern California is definitely something you’d be interested in.


Jim Mora: ‘One Thing About UCLA Is We Don’t Need A Freaking Fire To Get It Fucking Turned Up’


UCLA's efforts to get its "Beat SC" bonfire lit last night were unsuccessful.

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