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USC Song Girls Do the Ice Bucket Challenge, Everyone Wins

Is it chilly in here?

Here’s the Aftermath of Brochella 2014, a Party by USC TKEs

If you name a party Brochella you've pretty much forced our hand to post it on our site.

Schoolboy Q Played a Frat Party at USC PIKE’s House

Not sure how we missed this, but apparently a couple weeks ago Schoolboy Q made an appearance at a USC PIKE house fraternity party.

USC’s Sigma Nu Fraternity Threw a ‘ValΣΝtines Day’ Party Rave and Everyone Got Laid*

It's USC... What did you expect? Do they even go to class there or do they just throw frat raves with epic recap videos?

A USC Fraternity Threw a Pillow Fight-Themed Party and Sorority Girls In Lingerie Lost Their Shit

Holy crap, USC. Keep the videos of your insane fraternity parties coming, because they're making kids at every other college in the country insanely jealous.

How Many USC Fraternity Rager Videos (Full of Hot Girls) Can We Post in a Single Day? You’re About to Find Out

More and more and more.

USC’s AEPi Fraternity Threw a Paint Party Rave and Every Hot Girl In SoCal Showed Up

Have to love a fraternity party where girls show up wearing "Sorry Mom" rage hats.

Will Ferrell Is BFFs with Pete Carroll, Kicks Field Goal Into a Crowd at USC

Considering the state Pete Carroll left USC’s football program in before leaving in 2010, I’m surprised the school would invite […]

USC Frat Throws ‘Fratlantis’ Party With No Shortage of Hot Girls or Grinding

We're not certain if USC's Sigma Nu is a top tier fraternity, but we are certain that Fratlantis is still one of the best names and themes going

Our Favorite USC Bro Takes Epic Selfie While Dwight Howard Expertly Photobombs Him

Remember our friend @Trojanrymo who photobombed Stanford coach David Shaw with an epic selfie after being defeated by USC? That was followed with another selfie-bombing of former

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE at USC’s Pikes of the Caribbean Party

Damnit, USC... These party videos. Every day it's another one from a signature party, bigger and better than the one before it. The most recent

USC Frat Throws a ‘Winter Wonderland’-Themed Rager Teeming with Naughty Santa Babes

Damn... Once again, we're downright impressed by the ragers USC's fraternities are throwing. Last week we were blown away by a Phi Sigma Kappa rager. Back

USC Frat Throws Unreal Rave That’ll Get Your Transfer Papers Ready

We actually featured a party from this same fraternity—USC's Phi Sigma Kappa—back in August. They do it big! It doesn't hurt that USC seems to

I’m In Love with This UCLA Chick Who Gives Zero Fucks

This UCLA girl is grade-A wifey material.After UCLA beat cross-town rival USC, 35-14, this UCLA gal climbed the Tommy Trojan statue to give a bunch of USC

That USC Bro Has Another Incredible Selfie Photobomb, This Time with Jonathan Martin

Remember the USC Bro who took that incredible selfie with Stanford head coach David Shaw after rushing the field last week? He's back at it again, this

USC Bro Takes Epic Selfie with a Pissed Off David Shaw After Rushing the Field

Last night the USC students rushed the field after upsetting No. 5 Stanford at the L.A. Coliseum. After four hard-fought quarters of Fighting On, one BroBible reader

No One Was as Pumped Up For USC-Stanford As Matt Leinart

I think most football fans would agree that Matt Leinart's glory days were NOT in an NFL uniform, but rather on the field in South-Central

Dr. Dre Gave a Locker Room Pep Talk to the USC Football Team

This evening the USC Trojans take on the Stanford Cardinals, hoping to spoil Stanford's National Title hopes. Last night, to pump the team up, rap

This Is What One of the Best Fraternity Parties In the Country Looks Like (Hint: It’s at USC)

Back in August, we ranked the 20 best fraternity parties in the country. Towards the top of the list, in the No. 2 spot, was Pi

ZBT At the University of Southern California Threw an Awesome ‘Wizard of OZ’ Theme Party

Yeah, I don't think they're in Kansas anymore... 

Will Ferrell Led the USC Marching Band in Full Trojan Regalia Last Night

Will Ferrell spoke to USC students last night at a Cancer for College charity event. Also, Ferrell strapped on Trojan armor and lead the USC marching band

Hottest SlowMo Instagram Video of All Time Is From USC, Of Course

Shout out to I'm Shmacked for making great use of that new iPhone 5c SloMo video feature for perhaps the most amazing Instagram video of

‘Trojans for Life’ Video Will Make USC Students Slightly Less Proud of Their School

Well, this is certainly a thing that was made. It immediately fills a completely non-existent void in the cultural zeitgeist. The only person who might

USC Students Vandalized a Fire Lane Outside the Coliseum In the Best Possible Way

Fill in the blank: Everything that Lane Kiffin touches turns to ________. 

Lane Kiffin Delivered Ice Cream to the USC Marching Band

One of the things that still haunts me about my college experience was how much more practice time the marching band put in than the

Watch an Awesome Rave from USC’s Phi Sigma Kappas

College parties are back, y'alllllll. The USC Phi Sigma Kappa chapter takes the honors of being our first featured frat party video of the fall

USC WR Makes Sick Catch Behind Defender’s Back

We’re talking about a scrimmage. Not a game. Not a game. A scrimmage.

University of South Carolina Bro Has Another SICK Rap Freestyle

Last week I introduced you to Nate Schultz, a rapper/college kid out of Atlanta who's now repping his Gamecock pride at the University of South Carolina.

USC Commit Zach Smith Makes Epic Long Snapping Trick Shots Video

Zach Smith, senior at Atherton, California's Menlo School and the #2 long snapper in the country, has so much swag it's not even funny. Oh

Scenes From AEPi’s Ridiculous, Ravey Paint Party at USC

This past year AEPi teamed up with a group called Campus Ink to bring USC the biggest paint party of the year. Looks awesome.

USC Fraternity Gets Wild in This Dope Party Video

USC wants to show their stuff. What do you guys think?

Rapper ‘OG Nipple Steak’ Tries to Pick Up Hot College Chicks at USC

I have no idea who Nipple Steak is, but this thuggin' Ali G knock-off just dropped this video trying to spit his game to hot

USC Stood Up Georgia Tech at the Sun Bowl Dinner

The USC Trojans underachieved this year and national-title hopes devolved into a Sun Bowl appearance. But at least they’re pretending to be excited to play

Check Out This Sick Party Vid from USC

Congrats, USC's Pi Kapp: You just made sure that you will have a large pledge class next year. This can be traced back to this

UCLA Students Send a Message to USC (Written in Dorm Lights) Prior to This Saturday’s Showdown

This Saturday, the UCLA Bruins welcome the USC Trojans into their house in what will prove to be a clash for the ages (or something

How Sick Are USC’s Matte Black Helmets that Just Leaked Out to the Internet?

According to a tipster, a student-assistant to USC's equpiment manager allegedly Instagramed this photo of a prototype for USC's new matte black helmets. Sick? Yes,

I’m Shmacked x University of South Carolina

Next up for I'm Shmacked: Columbia, South Carolina to kick it at the other USC. Gamecock style. Predictably, the Gamecocks knew how to throw down. 

‘Still Kiffin’’ Parody Pays Tribute to USC Coach’s Swaggy Braggadocio

For what it's worth, Lane Kiffin inherited the Trojans amidst a black cloud of sanctions, bowl game bans, and a team that erred dangerously close

They Shot ‘Gangbang Girl #32’ at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Coliseum is currently best known for being the home of the USC Trojans, but it’s some Trojan-less activity at the taxpayer-owned stadium

Junior Seau Provides the Soundtrack to USC’s Heartfelt Tribute About His Life

Hard to watch this Junior Seau tribute without wondering what went wrong between USC's spring game on April 14th and yesterday. How Seau