As If We Weren’t Already Badass Enough, A ‘Universal Soldier’ Powered By Exoskeleton Will Soon Be A Reality


The United States possesses the most powerful and advanced military the world has ever known, and it is constantly pushing the technological boundaries in order to stay on top.


American Beer Vs. Canadian Beer: What’s Actually Better?


As BroBible's token hipster douche heady craft beer snob, I have to be honest -- I don't give a second thought to Canadian beers.


7 Pros and Cons Of Joining The Military, According To A Current Active Duty Member


You have made your decision; you are going to join the military.


These Are The 20 Most Rat-Infested Cities In The USA (Shockingly NYC Isn’t #1)

By | 4 Comments

If you've ever wondered which are the most rat infested cities in the USA, wonder no longer.


Carlos Arroyo Put Some Moves on Derrick Rose


Former NBA Player and Puerto Rican Bastetball Player showed that he can still compete with NBA players after he put this move on Derrick Rose.

women's hockey fight

Butthurt Russians are beating innocent Americans with hockey sticks


It appears that the Russians are still pretty butthurt over losing the Cold War, as their hockey playing women have resorted to beating our innocent Americans over the heads with hockey sticks.


Guy makes video of him waving US flag in all 50 states because ‘MURICA!


I'll tell you what, if I wasn't already getting that spine tingling freedom sensation from the 4th of July tomorrow then this video put me over the edge.

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