Seller On Ebay Realizes The Guy Who Bought His XBOX One Is A Navy Pilot, Does Something Awesome For Him

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Here is a great story that was sent in by a midshipmen/reader who's friend is training to become a Navy pilot.


Knig Of Bears? 40% Of Americans Can’t Even Spell ‘Budweiser’ Correctly

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Hey Budweiser, can you truly call yourself the 'King of Beers' when a reported 40% of Americans cannot even spell your name correctly.

road trip

A Data Geek Has Computed The Perfect American Road Trip: 48 States, 50 Landmarks

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Because there's nothing more American than taking a cross-country road trip, one man has done the lord's work and used data analysis to create the perfect American road trip.


New Study Claims American Millennials Are The Most Useless Population In The World

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A new study seeking to measure the overall competency of age groups throughout the globe has found that American Millennials are without a doubt the least skilled population in the world.

50 shades of grey

Dildo-Related Injuries Are About To Cripple America Thanks To ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’


The highly anticipated '50 Shades of Grey' movie his theaters this week, and that means one thing: the health care system in America is about to be crippled by dildo-related injuries.


As If We Weren’t Already Badass Enough, A ‘Universal Soldier’ Powered By Exoskeleton Will Soon Be A Reality


The United States possesses the most powerful and advanced military the world has ever known, and it is constantly pushing the technological boundaries in order to stay on top.


American Beer Vs. Canadian Beer: What’s Actually Better?


As BroBible's token hipster douche heady craft beer snob, I have to be honest -- I don't give a second thought to Canadian beers.


7 Pros and Cons Of Joining The Military, According To A Current Active Duty Member


You have made your decision; you are going to join the military.


These Are The 20 Most Rat-Infested Cities In The USA (Shockingly NYC Isn’t #1)

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If you've ever wondered which are the most rat infested cities in the USA, wonder no longer.


Carlos Arroyo Put Some Moves on Derrick Rose


Former NBA Player and Puerto Rican Bastetball Player showed that he can still compete with NBA players after he put this move on Derrick Rose.

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