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ESPN’s New 2014 World Cup Ad Is American as FUCK

Oh hell yes.

A Marine and Soldier Takes Back the American Flag from Disrespectful Protesters

I hate it when hippies parade the flag upside down to make some sort of extremist point about America "being in a state of

Cool GoPro Video of the Navy Parachute Team Jumping Into the Padres’ Home Opener

U-S-A. U-S-A- U-S-A.

American Newscaster On Russian Network Quits Her Job On-Air, Gives Putin a Huge Middle Finger LIKE A BOSS

What a huge, ballsy move by American newcaster Liz Wahl.

Here Are the United States World Cup Jerseys

Business casual.

Punish Yourself for Being a Bad Person By Watching Canada Break America’s Heart in Dramatic Fashion

In an appetizer to tomorrow’s main course, the Canadian women staged a feverish comeback to beat the United States 3-2 [...]

U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Pulled a Gordon Bombay With the Gold Medal on the Line

Leading 2-0 over Canada in the final minutes of the gold medal game, everything seemed to be going well for [...]

5 Patriotic Things to Do for the Last Week of the Winter Olympics

5. Drink A lot. Look, if your fellow countrymen are risking their lives jumping off of poorly made Russian ramps, [...]

U.S. Hockey Player T.J. Oshie Had an Amazing Response After Being Called a ‘Hero’

YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Just had good talk with America's newest hero. Only don't call T.J. [...]

Badass Security Cam Footage Captures U.S. Army’s Delta Force Catching a Terrorist In 40 Seconds

This is so badass. The Washington Post recently uncovered video of a secret, middle-of-the-night raid against al-Qaeda terrorism suspect Nazih Abdul-Hamed [...]

Proof That Bros Love America More Than Anything Else In Life

Back-to-back World War Champs, fuckers.... 

Canadian Beer Company Makes Team USA Hockey-Themed Cans

Bold move, Labatt Brewery. You're the biggest brewery in hockey-loving Canada yet you pander to us American beer drinkers with a Team USA beer cans. This feels

Northwestern Will Wear the Most Patriotic Uniforms in History Against Michigan

Northwestern has gone 0-5 since noted alums Mike Wilbon and Brent Musburger wore Wildcats jerseys on ESPN’s College GameDay. With their seasons spinning wildly out

A Cool Map of What Each Country Leads the World In

This super badass map by Doghouse Diaries has been pinging around the Internet the last couple days. It's worth sharing because (a. DOMINATE

Aaron Rodgers Went America All Over Everyone’s Ass

Aaron Rodgers loves football and burgers, so you know he’s all about America. The Green Bay Packers quarterback showed up to a team event yesterday

20 Characters Who Embody Everything Great About America

"Sure, I've been called a xenophobe, but the truth is, I'm not. I honestly just feel that America is the best country and the other

5 States That Secretly Control the Rest of America

You probably already know that New York is the center of all things fashionable, LA sets the standard for the movie industry, and we look

The United States Men’s Soccer Team Finally Beat Mexico in Mexico

The United States Men’s National Team had never won a match against its biggest rivals on Mexican soil in 75 years of trying (0-23-1) –

Red Bull Gives You Wings, F1 Racecars That Can Rev the National Anthem

'Merica, 'merica, AND MORE 'MERICA. 

Sports Links for August 6: The Glenn Gronkowski Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today. 

A Two Minute Tribute to ‘MURICA, F*CK YEAH!

STOP THE INTERNET. THIS HERE DAMN VIDEO is why our country is the Yankee doodle greatest. 

The Team USA Fencing Mask Is Sick

Agree? Flags on the mask? Sword fighting? AW HELL YEAH. Team USA's Fencing mask is sick. Betsy Ross would be proud to see the stars

A Bro’s Guide: Events to Watch During Week 1 of the 2012 Olympics

Yea the Olympics are dope, but there always seems to be about 54,987 events going on at once. To ease your fear of being Bro-verwhelmed,

Mike Kelly’s Inspiring Congress Speech Leads to Standing Ovation, ‘USA! USA!’ Chants

if you're pressed for time and/or a lazy f*ck, skip to the last 30-45 seconds of the video. It's glorious. 

Sports Links for July 9th: The Awkward Team Photo Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Happy 4th of July from Ashley Sky Is Still Awesome Three Days Later

Because every day should be the 4th of July, do yourself a favor and watch this video of the lovely Ms. Ashley Sky. More

10 Badass Prints of American Historical Figures, as Depicted By Artist Jason Heuser

American history is already pretty awesome, but if only it could be this awesome. "Badass" is the only superlative you need to describe Jason “SharpWriter” Heuser's

In Honor of Canada Day and the 4th of July, Watch a Hot Canada vs. USA Stop-Motion Video

Earlier today a Canadian reader wrote us to express his disappointment that we forgot to acknowledge Canada Day yesterday. Whoops. Sorry Canada. Not to make

Bernard James’ ‘U-S-A’ Moment Was the Best Part of the NBA Draft

Bernard James was the feel-good story of last night’s NBA Draft.

Herculez Gomez Shows Off His Strength With Goal Against Brazil

The United States predictably got dismantled by Brazil, 4-1, last night at FedEx Field in our nation’s capital. Jurgen Klinsmann will have to wait for

This Patriotic Beer Tank Gets Us Excited for Memorial Day Weekend

Tomorrow is the kick-off to Summer 2012 and we couldn't be more excited. To get pumped up for this weekend, we present to you the

What If All U.S. Interstates Were Just Subway Lines?

If the United States was connected by a nationwide subway system instead of interstate highways, we'd be less dependent on foreign oil and our air

What Do You Think of Nike’s Team USA Basketball Uniforms for 2012 London Olympics?

This afternoon Nike unveiled the first images of Team USA Basketball's Hyper Elite Uniform. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Deron Williams are all

USA Christmas Light Display in Tallahassee, Florida Is the Most AMERICAN Thing You’ll See Today

America! Christmas! Lee Greenwood! Techno beats! More flashing red, white, and blue lights than a Deadmau5 concert! Needs a little bit more Rick

Iowa Turns Kinnick Stadium Into Huge American Flag

There are certain stadium gimmicks that we hate (we're look at you, The Wave). But here's one we can all get behind. During

The Fifty U.S. States and Their Capitals: The Supercut

We're blatant suckers for super cuts (hell, we've even created two of our own). But this gem takes the whole supercut

Watch This Kid Celebrate Alex Morgan’s Goal for Team USA by Flashing the Camera

We know American spirt when we see it. 1-1. Extra time. We're biting our nails over here....

Watch a Vet Who Lost His Arm in Afghanistan Catch a Foul Ball at Yankee Stadium

In case you missed SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays on Friday night, we're absolutely confident this is the best foul ball snag you'll see today. During

Watch Clint Dempsey Score the Game Winning Goal for Team USA Against Panama

Last night the United States Men's National Team defeated Panama 1 - 0 to advance to the finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Clint Dempsey

Alexander Ovechkin, Shortly After the Soviet Union’s Demise

This absolute 32-carat GEM of a childhood photo of Alexander Ovechkin roundabout the age of 6 (give or take) comes to us via the self-explanatory