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President Obama Awesomely Announces That the US Army Is Building a Real-Life ‘Iron Man’

  Levity is President Obama decided to announce a top secret, highly classified US Army project to build what is […]

‘Dad in a Box’ Is the Military Homecoming Video to End All Military Homecoming Videos

I have a soft spot for these military homecomings, wherein service members surprise their family members by arriving home from […]

VIDEO: This Is What It’s Like When The U.S. Military Drops a 500-Pound Bomb on You

This video comes courtesy of U.S. Army troops stationed in Afghanistan. While attacking an enemy outpost, the unit called in […]

The US Military Is Apparently Making Real-Life ‘Iron Man’ Suits

WAR MACHINE! Or, in this case, Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, will be ready for human testing in June, according to […]

Armed Thief’s Attempted Robbery is Thwarted By Fast-Acting Iraq Veteran Working the Register

Jon Lewis Alexander, an Iraq vet with four tours of duty and 30 years of service in the U.S. military under his belt, had a

United States Military Academy Creates Own ‘Gangnam Style’ Lip-Dub, Blows Navy Out of the Water

Now the quesiton is who did it better, Army or Navy? Navy may have done it first, but I think Army did it better. But

Soldier In Afghanistan Chugging V8 Makes Us Ask: What’s the Stupidest Food Challenge You’ve Done?

Pardon me while I go out on a limb and say being in Afghanistan, under any circ*mstance, sucks clown-shoe sized cock. I don't care if

Soldier Deployed to Afghanistan Asks Soccer Star Hope Solo to Military Ball

We are nothing if we aren't a nation of copy cats. Monkey see monkey f*ckin do (Am I right, Google +?). Got to