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U.S. Map Shows the Most Popular College Football Team in Each State

We just love a good popularity contest.

U.S. Map Shows Which States Are Best to Live In If You’re Just Looking For Casual Sex

We just received this map created by Clover, which is an app that allows you too meet singles who have the […]

U.S. Map Shows What Product Each State Buys the Most on eBay

Delaware and Connecticut have some 'splaining to do.

Want to See A Map That Shows Where Schools From College Movies Are Located? Okay Here Ya Go.

Spoiler: Everything is in California.

U.S. Map Shows You How Much $100 is Really Worth In Your State, Prepare to Be Depressed

Your money is worthless.

U.S. Map Shows the Most Hated Teams in College Basketball

Reddit is at it again with their map making. Should we believe them, though?

Does Your State Love Cats or Dogs? This Map Delivers the Harsh Reality

This map is officially under protest.

Maps Show the Most Hated NBA Team in Every State and on Every Continent

What's up with Africa hating the Thunder?

U.S. Map Shows States That Have A Lot of Waffle Houses Also Have the Most Obese People

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

U.S. Map Shows How Much Money You Need to Make Per Year To Be Happy Living In Your State

If you believe this map and new analysis by Doug Short, vice president of research at investment group Advisor Perspectives, money can […]

Do You Even Brag About Lifting, Bro? U.S. Map Shows Which States Brag the Most About Working Out on Twitter

Just #Crushed another CrossFit sesh with my brothers. #RiseandGrind

U.S. Map Shows You the Worst Schools For Partying In Each State

Love having no fun ever? Enroll in one of these schools.

How Basic is Your Name? U.S. Map Shows Most Common Name in Each State for People Turning 30 in 2014

Two things people love these days: calling things/people "basic" and information relayed by way of map. This post can't lose!

U.S. Map Shows Every States Favorite Patriotic Song

What patriotic song does your state love listening to the most on the 4th of July? California's is 'America , Fuck Yeah"

U.S. Map Shows What States Have the Most People Living With HIV

I hear Montana is lovely this time of year

Map Shows Largest Company By Revenue in Each State. If That’s, Like, Something You’re Interested In

If you’re sitting in your childhood bedroom — or your parent’s basement (because you’re not worthy of living above ground) […]

Ever Wonder How Many Active KKK Chapters Are In Your State? No? Well, Here’s a List Anyway

Kind of a lot for 2014, don't you think?

This U.S. Map Shows What Billionaire Can Buy Every Home in Your City, Is Depressing

Here's your daily dose of sickening reality.

U.S. Map Shows Which Fast Food Restaurant Your State Is Best Known For

I don't know how accurate the map is, but I think HWY 55 Burgers got a raw deal in North Carolina.

U.S. Map Show What Each State ‘Googles’ the Most — The Results Are Quite Odd

Delaware... the only state with enough balls in its sack to Google itself more than any other keyword or phrase.

U.S. Map Shows States People Hate Living In

All this map proves is that a lot of people believe the old saying "the grass is always greener on the other side."

Here’s a Stereotype Map of the U.S. Based on What British People Think

Maps on maps on maps on maps.

U.S. Map Shows Which Athlete Your State Googles the Most

Your reign at the top was nice while it lasted, Tiger Woods.

U.S. Map Shows the Most Popular Attractions in Each State

Maps are the the new black; the new bacon; the new Kate Upton.