5 Things You Should Know About Getting Out Of The Military Before You Get Into The Military


I am still on active duty, and will remain in that status for a LONG time, but I have many friends that have been discharged from the service (some on their own terms and some that were kicked out) and I thought it would be good to know what exactly you need to think about before you make that transition from military to civilian life.


UW Pike Defends Two Women From Assault, Receives Multiple Stab Wounds, Is A Goddamn Hero


The University of Washington Pike Chapter has released a plea for your thoughts and prayers, as well as commending one of their brothers, Graham Harper, on his heroism.

stupid criminals

Man Tries To Break Into The House Of A U.S. Army Veteran, Veteran Kicks The Living Shit Out Of Him (Video)


It's videos like this -- and the desire to not be a fucking lowlife pice of shit -- that keep me from breaking into people's homes.

White House

VIDEO: SSG Salvatore Giunta Awarded Medal of Honor by President Obama


Staff Seargeant Salvatore Giunta was awarded his Medal of Honor today by President Obama, and since we've shared with you his story several times over the past week, we wanted to make sure we shared with you the video of his ceremony.

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