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Old Country Buffet Customer Caught Drinking Own Urine


Houston Texans Fan Follows Through on Vow to Drink Own Urine After Comeback Win

With his beloved Houston Texans down 21 points in Monday night’s season opener against San Diego, this diehard fan promised the “Football Gods” he’d drink

Minor League Baseball Team Boldy Introduces Urine-Controlled Video Games to Stadium Bathrooms

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs just became my favorite minor league baseball team with news they’ve installed hands-free urinal games in Coca-Cola Park’s bathrooms. It’s going

Learn How to Light a Fire With Your Piss

I'm just going to come right out and say it: survival seems like an awful lot of work. Work that I don't think I want

Florida Baseball Player Leads Team to Victory By Dousing Opponent’s Dugout With Urine

No good urine prank goes unpunished. A high school baseball player in Florida has been suspended two games for pouring pee all over the opposing