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We Are All This Lazy Delivery Man Chucking Packages at a Door

Look, we've all not wanted to do our job at some point. 

UPS Driver Banged a Hooker In His Truck, Hooker Posts Selfie Online Wearing His Uniform

Oklahoma prostitute, Tiffany Cums (perfect), posted photos of herself online after a recent tryst with a UPS delivery man. In the photos, Cums -- who is now referring

UPS Delivery Man Caught Stealing on Camera—This Is the Future, Folks

On the surface, this is just a video of an asshole UPS employee stealing one kid's Christmas present. Which is depressing and sad and proof

Experts Break Down Everything Santa Would Need to Actually Deliver Toys to 760 Million Children

I imagine the first thing he'd need is for world poverty to end so...ya know...all 760 million Christian kids could get presents and shit. That