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Someone Unnecessarily Censored ‘Finding Nemo’

Probably in everyone's best interests if this is kept away from children.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is Full of Dirty Talk

You know those Beetle Bailey cartoons where the fat guy screams obscenities at the skinny guy? Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel’s weekly bit is a lot like

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is Full Of Bush

Trying to stop Jimmy Kimmel from censoring things that don’t need to be censored is a fool’s errand. A rooster needs to crow. Here’s the

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is Shockingly Full of Dora the Explorer

As you may have noticed, we can’t get enough of this $*@*ing Jimmy Kimmel bit. Another week, another masterpiece.

‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Is Another Hilarious Entry to the Canon

Jimmy Kimmel lets Dr. Phil, Chuck Schumer, and, of course, ole Paula Deen let the curse words fly.

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is Full of Foul-Mouthed Hussies

Now that the NBA Finals are over, Jimmy Kimmel can unbutton his pants and relax without the pressure of live shows hovering over him. That

What Did Jim Nantz Just Say About Tiger Woods’ Dick? Plus Other Unnecessary Censorship

I ask myself "will this shtick ever get old?" And the answer is always "no, no it will not."

Jimmy Kimmel Features a Dirty-Talking Hillary Clinton in Hilarious New ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

That big President Obama-Hillary Clinton lovefest on "60 Minutes" last Sunday is WAY better this way.

Jimmy Kimmel’s New Week in Unnecessary Censorship Is Hilarious as Usual

Hey, who's the hottie local news anchor at the 1:02 mark? She's got a future!

SpongeBob Gets F*cked Hard in This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

WWE's the Big Show might win this video. He's at the end. Enjoy. 

This Year in Unnecessary Censorship is Frickin Hilarious

This is the best parts of the best part of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' so you know it's good.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Featured Many Election-Related Bleeps

Could you imagine how sensational the race would have been if Obama and Romney were this publicly vulgar?

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Featured Many Sandy-Related Bleeps

Always a classic. But with all the craziness this week, the unintentional comedy seemed to take it up a notch. 

‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Induces Pants-Wetting, As Always

This segement will never get old. Featuring the likes of Mittens Romney, Slick Willie Clinton, Jon Stewart, and many more, the segment yet again shows

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship from Last Night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Unnecessary censorship is the perfect late-night bit. This week Kimmel puts words in Herman Cain's affair-having mouth and he even has sweet little