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University of Wisconsin Students Throw a Silent Disco Party In Library While Studying for Finals

This reminds me of the beginning of a barely legal orgy porno I once watched.

This Video From the University of Wisconsin Is Proof that People From Wisconsin Are Crazy

I have a good friend from Wisconsin. Back when I met him in college, circa 2006, he was bar none […]

Wisconsin Bro Jumps Off a Bus Stop and Crowd Surfs After Earning a Spot in the Final Four

It's a well-known fact that people who attend the University of Wisconsin are animals.

Another Reason Why the University of Wisconsin-Madison Is the Greatest Party School in the Country

They may have shut down the Mifflin Street Block Party -- one of the finest spring party traditions in the country -- but they'll never

This Video Makes the Strong Case That Madison Is the Best College Town in the Country

Madison, Wisconsin! I've never been. But now I really want to go?

The UW-Madison Bell Tower Played the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song

The University of Wisconsin-Madison bell tower, led by carillonneur ("a carillon player") Lyle Anderson, recently rung its bells to the tune of a song brought to

I’m Shmacked x University of Wisconsin—Madison

Next up from the guys at "I'm Schmacked": A trip to the University of Wisconsin to pay a visit to the undisputed best college town

I’m Shmacked—University of Wisconsin-Madison x The 2012 Mifflin Block Party

There's been a lot of hubbub about University of Wisconsin's 2012 Mifflin Street Block party. So, the guys from I'm Shmacked headed up

Check Out This Cat Fight at the 2012 Mifflin Block Party

No idea what these two UW ladies are brawling over, but first guess is that Patrick Kane must have something to do with

Patrick Kane Spent His Cinco De Mayo Getting Blackout Drunk at Madison’s Mifflin Street Block Party

How did Chicago Blackhawks star and living Bro Legend Patrick Kane spend his Cinco De Mayo? Thanks for asking! Since he doesn't have the

The UW-Madison Dean of Students ‘Don’t Go To Mifflin’ Rant Gets a Remix

Wisconsin Dean of Students Lori Berquam's rant about the Mifflin Street Block Party has been pulled from YouTube. But fortunately this remix has

University of Wisconsin’s Dean of Students Warns of Cinco De Mayo Party, Sucks at Public Speaking

First of all, from Lori's descriptions of the Mifflin Street Cinco De Mayo party, I want to attend this bash. The Dean claims

These Wisconsin Bros Spent Their St. Patrick’s Day Making a ‘Call Me Maybe’ Remix Video

Here's a Bro or Not Bro scenario for you: A group of University of Winsconsin guys spent their St. Patrick's Day weekend filming

Watch a Drunk University of Wisconsin Sorority Girl Cry After a RA Takes Away Her Booze

Our friends at Guyism found this amusing video of a University of Wisconsin-Madison sorority girl crying about her RA taking her booze. Sucks,

Wisconsin Student Section Sings ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ As Football Team Romps Nebraska

Watch the always entertaining Wisconsin student section sing Build me up Buttercup during its 48-17 win over Nebraska. It will give you chills.

University of Wisconsin Goes Wild for ‘Teach Me How to Bucky’

A special University of Wisconsin remix of California Swag District's break out single premiered at Camp Randall on Saturday during the homecoming game against Minnesota.

Three University of Wisconsin Bros Fined $86,000 for Throwing Epic House Party

Sometimes college parties go perfect as planned: Everyone in attendance gets drunk, rowdy, and busts a nut without cops crashing the festivities. Other times college