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Schoolboy Q Played a Frat Party at USC PIKE’s House

Not sure how we missed this, but apparently a couple weeks ago Schoolboy Q made an appearance at a USC PIKE house fraternity party.

USC Frat Throws a ‘Winter Wonderland’-Themed Rager Teeming with Naughty Santa Babes

Damn... Once again, we're downright impressed by the ragers USC's fraternities are throwing. Last week we were blown away by a Phi Sigma Kappa rager. Back

This Is What One of the Best Fraternity Parties In the Country Looks Like (Hint: It’s at USC)

Back in August, we ranked the 20 best fraternity parties in the country. Towards the top of the list, in the No. 2 spot, was Pi

ZBT At the University of Southern California Threw an Awesome ‘Wizard of OZ’ Theme Party

Yeah, I don't think they're in Kansas anymore... 

Check Out This Epic Party Video from USC’s American Pi Kapp 2012

Via our friends at Total Frat Move comes this video of Pi Kapp's sick "American Pi" party at USC. God bless America.

World-Famous USC Song Girls Spent Their Summer Vacation Frolicking in Cool Blue Waters of Lake Tahoe

This upcoming Saturday, BroBible will tailgate outside the L.A. Coliseum before the kickoff of the USC vs. UVA game. While we're packing our bags to