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U.S. Map Shows Most Hated College Football Team In Each State. Or Does It?

Rigging poll results doesn't make you cool, you guys.

Dickbag Darren Rovell Really Did Email a Kid’s College Professor

And he wonders why he has no friends.

University of Michigan Frat Throws Ski Trip Banger at $6 Million Dollar Mansion

Goddamn. That’s how you ski trip. However, if we’re lead to believe the YouTube description, “No alcohol or illegal substance […]

Was Michigan’s President Drunk While Giving a Halftime Speech on Saturday?

At halftime of Michigan's loss to Nebraska Saturday afternoon, UM college president Mary Sue Coleman gave a short series of remarks on the field. She appeared

10 Things Guys Should Know When Traveling to Ann Arbor

All year long we’ll be releasing our BroBible Travel Guides to your favorite travel locations. The guides are intended to be a cheat sheet on

I’m Shmacked x University of Michigan During Welcome Week Is Everything That Makes College Great

Unlike certain other schools, the University of Michigan knows how to party without completely losing its shit. I'm pretty sure they call that "The Michigan Difference."  Hey!

Tom Brady Gave a Motivational Speech to the University of Michigan Football Team

You know what they say about Michigan Men. Distinguished alumnus Tom Brady swung by the Wolverines practice facility to deliver an epic motivational speech to the

How We Party: University of Michigan

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, it's time to head up to Ann

Jadeveon Clowney Monster Hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith Must Be Seen to Be Believed

One more highlight from South Carolina's dramatic victory over Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Here's Jadeveon Clowney rocking Vincent Smith with one of the biggest hits

Here Is ‘Da’Quan,’ Ann Arbor’s Baddest Man, Terrorizing Michigan Students

HOW did we miss this?  

40 Photos from Our Tailgate at Michigan-Michigan State in Ann Arbor

Rowdy, obstreperous, rambunctious, raucous, wild, crazy.

50 Photos From Our Tailgate at Notre Dame-Michigan

I honestly don’t know what to write about Notre Dame. In my 23 years, I have yet to experience a day as f*cking hectic, aweful,

Pre-Gaming with Pat Gets Spectacular

In the latest episode of Pregaming with Pat, our boy Pat Stansik gets a little insider information about former Michigan running back Mike Cox. Rage on. 

Pre-Gaming with Pat Is Back!

Remember Pat Stansik's "Pregaming with Pat" series from last year? This year everyone's favorite 24-year-old Michigan Man is back on the mean gameday streets of

I’m Shmacked x University of Michigan, Welcome Week 2012

The guys from I'm Shmacked head back to Ann Arbor head back to do the damn thing right. Hail to the victors is right. Click

Watch Michigan Football Players Joe Reynolds and Jack Kennedy’s Music Video

You've got to think Ohio State fans watched this, saw Denard Robinson on a skateboard, and immediately started screaming for a broken wrist, right?

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Tyler Clary Says Michael Phelps Has Poor Work Ethic

Some goddamn nerve this guy has. Maybe Tyler Clary should get his dick wet and win a few medals before calling out the guy that

It Has Come to This: Student Sings His Way Off Michigan Waiting List

Waiting lists are egregiously dumb and if you're stuck on one, you're odds of getting in the school of your choice can be as low

A University of Michigan Student Created a ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle Service’ (UPDATED)

Oh, college! The things people do for a little beer money and to make ends meet: feast on Ramen, donate plasma, charge for cups at

Michigan’s Kicker Brendan Gibbons Had Brunette Girls On His Mind Before He Won the Sugar Bowl

The poor bastards who kick for Stanford and Va. Tech could learn something from Michigan's Brendan Gibbons. Guy striped the game-winning field goal

Watch Holly Rowe Stiff-Arm Another Woman Who Tries to Steal Her Post-Sugar Bowl Interview Thunder

What a Sugar Bowl last night! Perhaps in the mayhem of the Victors victory, you missed ESPN's Holly Rowe lay a smack down

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Michigan vs. Ohio State Edition

Just as we expected, "Pre-Gaming with Pat" brought its A-game before the 108th meeting of Ohio State andMichigan. There's a few standout parts

Here’s a Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at the University of Michigan

"I'm Shmacked" continues to dominate at doc*menting the party scenes at some of the country's greatest colleges and universities. For the fifth installment

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Michigan Vs. Nebraska Edition

One of our favorite tailgate series to break out on the scene over the past few months has been Pat Stansik's awesome "Pre-gaming

The University of Michigan’s Fake AMCULT 315: Rick’s vs. Skeeps Course is Amusing

A tipster at the University of Michigain passed along this fake course description and syllabus for a made-up UM course analyzing two Ann Arbor college

Hitler Learns About the Demise of SAE at the University of Michigan

Remember the "Mad Hitler" meme? Someone from the University of Michigan's SAE -- the house that hosts the infamous the Mudbowl -- put together a

BroBible and SAE Throw Epic Tailgate Party at the University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan, might as well be called College Town, USA. The University of Michigan campus encompasses everything you could ever want in a college