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Drunk Bro At University Of Maryland Gets Treated Like A Child By A Cop After He Tries Crossing The Street


YouTube According to a BroBible reader, the police are cracking down on University of Maryland students acting like assholes.

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Let Delta Chi At The University Of Maryland’s Ice Bucket Challenge Remind You That Not All Frats Are ‘Bad’


Fraternities have been getting a pretty shit rap in the news lately, whether it's allegations of dumping roofies into girls' drinks at parties or rumors about pledges dying from being hazed, it hasn't exactly been a great month to justify to your parents why they're spending an extra $700 a semester for you to be in a frat.

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University of Maryland’s Mascot Is Now A Nightmare-Inducing Zombie Turtle Thing


As the University of Maryland takes the field this week in their freedom-boner inducing patriotic uniforms Testudo their Terrapin mascot may be sequestered in a room somewhere under the stadium being tested for performance-enhancing drugs and perhaps serum from Oscorp Industries as it appears he's been eating a little too much pizza with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lately.

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Ratchet Bar Near University Of Maryland Campus Replaced Their Bathroom Toilet With A FRICKIN’ BUCKET


If you've ever attended or visited the University of Maryland and haven't gone to a bar called R.

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