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You Gotta Respect This Bro Whose Ice Bucket Challenge Involved a Truckbed Full of Water

It's the ice truck-et challenge! Get it?

The Kids At The University Of Maryland Won’t Stop Lighting Themselves On Fire

It's not that bad there, I swear.

This University of Maryland Student Is Making $180,000 a Year as a Stripper

That's a lot of lap dances.

UMD Students Celebrated Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta and They Celebrated the Shit Out of It

Every time one of these videos comes through I have two thoughts.

Beloved Testudo Statue at University of Maryland Set On Fire by Accident

It's a University of Maryland tradition to make an offering to Testudo during finals week. After all, why study?

University of Maryland’s AEPi SplashBash Looked F-U-N

Earlier this year we ranked Alpha Epsilon Pi's Splash Bash party at the University of Maryland as one of the greatest fraternity parties in the USA. The

University of Maryland Student Set Himself on Fire and Jumped Off Cliff, Because Reasons

According to the YouTube descritpion: "Not many people get a chance to feel what it's like to be on fire in a controlled environment. After several

University of Maryland Bros Show Us How to Pick-Up Girls with One Hand

Epic prank, Bros.... I just wonder how many of them actually got laid. 

Maryland Leads the Nation in Underage Drinking

Crabcakes and football... and underage drinking.

University of Maryland’s Hand-Painted ‘Maryland Pride’ Helmets are ______!

I love a good game of fill-in-the-blank. The human effort put into painting these might have pushed me over the edge. I don't root for, or

How to Live in an Abandoned College Town

Note: We sent University of Maryland student A-Mac back to College Park to tell us what a dead college town is like over the summer.

UMD Frat Trashes House, Recieve ‘Awesome’ E-Mail from Landlord That’s Actually Pretty Boring

No one can deny that the Greek system at the University of Maryland won the Spring 2013 semester with their barrage of kick-ass viral e-mails.

University of Maryland Sorority E-Mail Author Offered a Job as a Webcam Girl at Scores

This takes cheap, lame publicity stunt to a whole new level. ScoresLive.com, which, uh, we presume to be an online version of the Scores strip

The Crazy Sorority Email Gets the Dramatic Reading It Deserves

By now we've all read Rebecca Martinson's incredible case for Tourettes symptoms extending to the written word. We've also gone back through her tweets, and

Sorority Girl at University of Maryland Writes a Scathing, Profanity-Laced Letter to Fellow Sisters

We've received numerous emails regarding this very letter today. It has been making it's way around Greek list serves all week and fraternity Bros and

Maryland Sorority Writes Funny Guide on How to Be on Best Behavior During Greek Week

I have in my possession the 2013 version of "The List;" or, an email which should give any bros out there an unprecedented look into the

The 10 Ugliest Colleges In the United States

The majority of the world strives to be beautiful, attractive, and a bunch of other aesthetically pleasing adjectives. But the beauty of being beautiful (yep),

Rate Maryland’s Black Ops Uniforms for This Week’s Game Against Florida State

A commenter said it best last week: College football has become a fashion show. Just a few weeks after playing in "White Ops" Maryland Pride uniforms,

Under Armor’s New Maryland Uniforms Make Me Hungry for Crab Cakes and Football

Because that's what Maryland does.

I’m Shmacked—University of Maryland

Before heading down to spring break in Mexico, the guys from I'm Shmacked hit up College Park, Maryland, to see just how hard

Gary Williams Court to Be Unveiled Tonight at Maryland-Duke Game Amid Controversy

Tonight's Maryland-Duke game in College Park renews the annual ACC rivalry, but for former Maryland coach Gary Williams, it will be even more special. The

University of Maryland Student Has Impromptu Finals Week Dance Party in Library

Look, we all deal with the stress of finals week in different ways. This student at the University of Maryland decided to have

Watch a University Of Maryland Student KO a Fellow Terp During a Dorm Room Bare Knuckle Boxing Bout

Lights out!

Toss Up: Which University of Maryland Uniform Would You Rather Be Caught Dead In?

Maryland is unveiling yet another one of their new Under Armour uniforms this Saturday when they host West Virginia. Last time the Terps took the

The University of Maryland Isn’t Happy About Its Students Yelling ‘F-You’ at An 11-Year-Old Boy

University of Maryland's Athletic Director, Kevin Anderson, recently sent an e-mail blast to the entire studnt body RE: "aggressive and offensive behavior" at football games.

Footbrawl Season Has Arrived! Watch Maryland and Miami Fans Fight In the Bleachers

I've been itching to get a post up about a student-section college football fight. And here's the first one of the 2011-2012 football

Watch Under Armour’s ‘Maryland Pride’ Video Trying to Explain Maryland’s New Uniforms

Hey, did you notice Maryland's new uniforms tonight in the Terps' victory against Miami? Who didn't! Some love 'em and think they're the

Radio Announcer Freaks Out Over Maryland Field Hockey’s National Championship Win

Congratulations to the University of Maryland women's field hockey team for winning the National Championship last weekend. Here's the dramatic radio call from the final