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Drunk and Angry University of Iowa Bro Destroys World’s Flimsiest Door at Roommates’ Request

It appears this Ford enthusiast’s night of boozing took a dark turn. From what I can ascertain from the uber-intelligent […]

The University of Iowa Has the World’s Most Intense Cheerleader Ever

Love this University of Iowa cheerleader's enthusiasm. On the first bucket of the night against Michigan State, this male Hawkeye cheerleader lost his shit, freaking out

University of Iowa TA Accidentally Emails Salacious Naked Pictures to Students

In what would seem like a plot twist in a college sex comedy, a University of Iowa T.A. emailed 80+ students a file attachment late

University of Iowa’s President Had Some Not-So-Nice Things to Say About @Vodka_Samm

The University of Iowa isn't going to forget the Vodka Samm incident any time soon, especially not after her sloppy drunk mugshot made it's way

Bros… More Pics of @Vodka_Samm Partying Have Hit the Web

My personal favorite is the Vine video where she treats a bottle of vodka like it's a baby. #YOLO! 

Finally, @Vodka_Samm’s Mug Shot After Blowing a .341 BAC Hits the Web

Well, you just freakin' knew Vodka Sam's mugshot would inevitable hit the web, didn't you? And here it is, via Deadspin, before all those shameless, humblebrag

Why Did @Vodka_samm Delete Her Twitter Account?

In case you were off-the-grid this holiday weekend, the biggest story to unfold on the Internet was the saga of Samantha Goudie a.k.a. @vodka_samm, the University

Iowa Baseball Players Say Their House is Haunted, Ghosts Are Stealing Panties Left and Right

Iowa baseball leads the nation in paranormal activity.

University of Iowa Student Arrested for DUI in Smart Car, Claims He Was Fighting Al-Qaida

A University of Iowa student took his Smart Car out as a weapon and he used it to defend America—or so he thought this weekend.