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University of Illinois Bar EXPLODES After T.J. Oshie’s Goal

This video from the legendary University of Illinois bar “The Red Lion”  gives us patriotic chills.  Says the person who […]

University Of Illinois Students Are Being Huge Pussies About Having to Go to Class Today

In case you haven't looked a weather map lately, it's FUCKING COLD in the Midwest right now. Temperatures at the University of Illinois are hovering around

University of Illinois Students Have an HILARIOUS #FAIL Reaction When Cliff Alexander PIcks Kansas

This is Internet gold. EVERYONE... Absolutely EVERYONE thought college basketball recruit Cliff Alexander would pick the University of Illinois. After all, he's from Chicago, why wouldn't

How We Party: University of Illinois

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we head out

Bro Asks University of Illinois Students ‘How to Hit the G-Spot’

Our boy Yafa has a new video out, this time asking students at the University of Illinois "how to hit the G-spot." Common conclusion from girls:

I’m Shmacked x University of Illinois, Unofficial Weekend 2013

For their latest college party video, I'm Shmacked headed to Urbana-Champaign to see the Illini party during "Unoffical" St. Patty's Day Weekend. The parties were