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How We Party: The University of Georgia

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Georgia Coach Mark Richt Writes Hilariously Strange Tweet to Hype Fans for Game

Hey gurl. The name's Mark. Mark Richt. I'm from a little place called Athens and, well, the crew I run with is called the Dawgs.

Check Out This Muddy, Boozy Tug-Of-War Match with Sorority Girls at the University of Georgia

There are certainly worst ways to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon than pounding cocktails from red Solo Cups and frolicking in the mud. Just ask

‘MURICA: Tornadoes Better Not F*ck with Georgia Lineman Watts Dantzler

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Unseasonably warm? Cold? Stormy? Right now there's a nasty string of tornadoes pillaging Alabama and Georgia.

Da’Quan, ‘King of Tha South,’ Tears Up the University of Georgia

Not a bad day  to be the Don. 

I’m Shmacked x University of Georgia, Tennessee Gameday Week 2012

For their next video, I'm Shmacked hit up one of the greatest college towns in the world: Athens, Georgia. Oh yeah: Congrats on the TV

Chi Phi’s LOST Weekend at the University of Georgia Looks SICK

We see our fair share of party videos around here, but this recap from Chi Phi's spring 2012 LOST party at University of Georgia might take

UGa Red and Black Columnist Waxes Poetic on ‘How to Find That Perfect Husband’

If you haven't read this column yet, brace yourself. Published in the University of Georgia's Red and Black student paper on Friday, and shared all

UGA Professor Charged with Prostituting Himself

Well, here's some ammo for Georgia Tech fans!

LSU Made a Rebuttal Song to Counter UGA’s Harsh Burn

This LSU/UGA beef is heating up. In fact, I haven't seen a feud this hostile since Wilfred Brimley and Quaker Oats took on

Easily the Fratiest Tailgate Party Video From Last Saturday’s Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

This is one of the better tailgate videos we've seen this college football season. Nice camera work. Just don't see a sea of

Princeton Review Names Top 10 Party Schools; Georgia Ranked No. 1

  As we're sure you could figure out from one of our favorite photos of a former SEC quarterback, the University of Georgia took the top