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University of Florida Bro Has a Ridiculous Facebook Rant About College Girls In the Library… Or Something?

Buzzfeed has already asked all the questions there are to ask about this senior University of Florida Bro’s rant about […]

Hot Girls at the University of Florida Talk About Their Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

The dudes at I'm Shmacked are killin' down in Gainesville. Yesterday Gator girls and Bros talked about the craziest things they've ever done drunk. Today

University of Florida Coeds Explain to I’m Shmacked the Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Done Drunk

We've all done some pretty silly things while under the influence, especially during our college glory days. The dudes from I'm Shmacked were recently down in Gainesville

University of Florida Produces Creepiest Professor of New School Year

Any time a story like this shoots around the Internet—which is, unfortunately, often—you're never really surprised by the mugshot. There's the mustache. And the glasses. And the general "Oh, yeah,

Fratty Bros Being Fratty Bros in I’m Shmacked x University of Florida

Summer 2013 is just beginning, but it's never too soon to get ready for college football season. Thus, our OG's over at I'm Shmacked dropped

University of Florida Bro Trips on LSD, Claims to Be God, Asks Police to Chop His Penis Off

Best. Night. Ever. 

Who Wants to Watch a Lacrosse Trick Shot Video By Two University of Florida Laxers?

Apparently trick shot videos are still all the rage in Gainesville, where two University of Florida laxers by the name of Alec Teijelo

Easily the Fratiest Tailgate Party Video From Last Saturday’s Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

This is one of the better tailgate videos we've seen this college football season. Nice camera work. Just don't see a sea of

Two University of Florida Students Arrested For Having Sex on a Picnic Table

Public, out in the open for all to see sex is exhilarating -- if not with an individual that looks like either of these two

This Is What Erin Andrews Looked Like Back In The Day

Here's a photos of Erin Andrews during her college days at the University of Florida, where she was a Zeta Tau Alpha and a member