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Cops Are Looking for a Couple Who Fucked Behind a Dumpster at a Grotto’s Pizza in Newark, Del. on St. Paddy’s Day

Nothing like a little St. Paddy's Day fucking.

The University of Delaware Did an Amazing 90s-Themed Flash Mob

Solid work here, Blue Hens. A bunch of UDel students broke out into a pretty tremendous 90s-themed flash mob in order to promote the University of

University of Delaware Student Arrested for Rioting

In the aftermath of the University of Delaware riot started by a few I'm Shmacked tweets, the mugshots are now pouring in. 18-year-old John Marine—a University

I’m Shmacked Issues an Official Response to the University of Delaware’s Ridiculousness Last Night

This press release from I'm Shmacked just arrived in our inbox, addressing last night's ridiculousness at the University of Delaware. TL;DR: UDel got waaaaaayyyy to

What Happened with I’m Shmacked at the University of Delaware?

We're not entirely sure what happened at the University of Delaware last night, other than the fact that the college party-documentary YouTube channel I'm Shmacked

I’m Shmacked Went to University of Delaware, A Car-Burning Riot Ensued (UPDATE)

Here's what we know: I'm Shmacked was at the University of Delaware last night recording their next video. The coeds at UDel got all excited

The FIJIs at the University of Delaware Threw a Kickass Islander Party and It Looked FUN

Here at BroBible, we've got nothing but love for the University of Delaware, home to the #1 college hangover breakfast spot in the country. A

Check Out the University of Delaware’s Sick Party Video

Hey, look, the University of Delaware can rage! Sweet party vid, Bros. One minor qualm: We think it needs more footage of notable alum Joe

Scenes from the University of Delaware’s Sigma Chi Day Rage

Says our tipster: "UDel's Sigma Chi throws down the best dage of the semester so far. There are more videos and pictures to do it justice.

Watch a Cool GoPro POV Video of a University Of Delaware Homecoming Day Drink

Delaware! Blue Hens! Again! A few weeks ago we showed you a college party video called "UD Has Swag." This afternoon tipster from

Let’s Watch a Video Called ‘UD Has Swag’ That Someone Sent Us

Delaware! Home to legalized NFL parlay sports betting, Dewey Beach, Grotto Pizza, and the Fighting Blue Hens. Someone sent us this party video

BroBible Parties at Epic University of Delaware Backyard Bar-B-Q

Last weekend, the BroBible and Liquid Flow crew headed down to the University of Delaware for a surprise Fall Tailgate Tour stop and a little