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University of Colorado Applications Are Up 33% This Year; We Wonder Why!

24 days after marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado, CU-Boulder announced a 33% rise in freshman applications to the school. The number includes a

How We Party: University of Colorado

Send your How We Party submissions here.


University of Colorado Spent $100,000 to Stop Campus-Wide 4/20 Smokeout

For the second straight year, the University of Colorado spent an enormous sum to prevent the school's annual smoke-out from taking place on 4/20.

35 Police Needed to Rescue Naked University of Colorado Girl Tripping Balls on Shrooms

Talk about a Rocky Mountain high. Quoth the source: "The young woman, identified as 21-year-old Taylor Powers, allegedly ingested some shrooms and was having a

I’m Shmacked x University of Colorado-Boulder, St. Patrick’s Day

No one questions the University of Dayton's dominance over St. Patrick's day. After visiting WVU last year on March 17th, this year the


CU-Boulder Is Shutting Down Campus on 4/20 Again

Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado, the University of Colorado Boulder announced today that it would be shutting down the campus again

Two University of Colorado Boulder Students Arrested for Giving Weed Brownies to Class

What could possibly go wrong with a college class having "Bring Food Fridays" at the University of Colorado-Boulder?

Stephen Colbert Thinks University of Colorado Students are Soft for Not Wanting to Live in Gun Dorm

You wanted it (I think?), you got it (I know). Now get your candy asses in there and live in fear while resolving all your

Smoke Screen: Weed Still to Be Banned on College Campuses in Washington and Colorado

Upon hearing that weed was gonna be legal in Washington and Colorado, did you immediately wish you could magically turn 17 and apply to Boulder?

The University of Colorado Has a Dorm for Handgun-Carrying Students and No One Wants to Live In It

A college campus is no place for a dangerous weapon. However, back in August, the University of Colorado announced it would create a separate dormitory