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Meet the Slut-Shaming Student Preacher Trolling the Campus of the University of Arizona

Walking on the periphery of the crowd was a bearded dude holding the poster "YOU DESERVE TO GET RAPED."

Bikinis and Beer EVERYWHERE in University of Arizona Pike Pool Party

A few friends of BroBible (check the 0:48-second mark) at the University of Arizona's PIKE chapter recently threw an absolute banger of a pool party.

Video: A Police Officer Drops an Unsuspecting Girl With a Punch at the UA Riot

There was a lot of excessive police force at the University of Arizona this weekend.

The University of Arizona Had an Insanely Ratchet Riot after Losing in the Elite Eight

Arizona students rioted after the Wildcats lost their Elite Eight game last night.

Pike Dream Girl at the University of Arizona Tattooed the Fraternity’s Letters on the Inside of Her Lip (UPDATE)

Pikes bein' Pikes.

University of Arizona Bros Throw Phenomenal ‘Red, White, and Brew’ Party and It Looked SICK

Because we love all things patriotic and college around here, the entire BroBible team just got a giant, throbbing freedom boner from watching this video. A bunch

Here’s How the University of Arizona Does Homecoming

Needs more naked women if you ask us. But, then again, we can make that argument for just about any event. 

Johnny Knoxville Was Drugged at a University of Arizona Party

While filming promos for the upcoming Bad Grandpa at the University of Arizona, Johnny Knoxville said someone slipped ecstasy in his drink. 

Boobs, Bouncy Slides and Booze: University of Arizona’s PIKEs 2013 Volcano Party Looks Fun

We recently ranked PIKEs yearly Volcano Soirée at the University of Arizona as one of the Best Fraternity Parties in the country. After watching this year's video,

Sorority Girls at the University of Arizona Make the Hottest Recruitment Video of All Time

The Delta Gammas at Florida State did a pretty good job with their Bid Day video, but we've got to give it to Arizona's Alpha Phis for

University of Arizona Football Team Had an End-of-Camp Dance Off, It Was Fantastic

The Arizona Wildcats just provided us with easily the best thing to come out of the NCAA Football pre-season thus far. The fuckin' Equipment Manager

How We Party: University of Arizona

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we head down

The University of Arizona Threw a Mini Rave Right in the Middle of Their Graduation Ceremony

We all went to the wrong school, you guys. Things heat up at the 2-minute mark. 

Hot College Girls EVERYWHERE In I’m Shmacked x University of Arizona

"Why the hell did I go to school where it's cold" -- Every person who ever went to college somewhere cold and sunless after watching

Aussie Bro at University of Arizona Makes a Video Shaming Sorority Girls, Frat Guys, and GDIs

Aussie Blair, previously, is back at the University of Arizona, this time to make fun of sorority girls, frat guys, GDIs, and... Jimmy Tatro? 

A Video from University of Arizona SAE Jungle Party 2012

It feels like it's been quite a long time since we've posted a solid college party video. That's because it has, since all you college

University of Arizona Columinist Claims Bro Movement is ‘a Dark Stain Upon Our University’

This year the University of Arizona did a major backslide down U.S. News and World Report's Best National Universities list. Currently ranked by the magazine