Interactive U.S. Map Shows The Most Popular Fraternities In Each State


If you've been following the news recently, fraternities are on this country's shit list.


These Graphs Definitively Prove That The United States Is Populated By Stupid Fucktubs In Comparison To The UK


When I walk down the street I like to pretend that I’m surrounded by intelligent, well-adjusted people.


Can You Label All 50 States On A Map? Because These Idiots Can’t, So Watch And Feel Good About Yourself


I was on the verge of screaming “NORTH DAKOTA IS ON TOP OF SOUTH DAKOTA YOU FUCKWITS” throughout this entire video.

fat people

This Is What The Average Man’s Body Looks Like Around The World, And Surprise Surprise Us Americans Are Blobs


Artist Nickolay Lamm, as part of his Body Measurement Project, has taken the averages from CDC anthropometric data in order to create four realistic representations of what the average man’s body looks like around the world.


7 Pros and Cons Of Joining The Military, According To A Current Active Duty Member


You have made your decision; you are going to join the military.

united states

Rob Ford Celebrated the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold Medal With Typical Restraint


The Canadians' amazing gold medal victory over the United States in women's hockey has everyone north of the border pounding their chests and feeling 10-feet tall.

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