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I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Tim Howard’s 16 Saves Against Belgium

It's like a magic eye.

Tim Howard Saved the Game (For Now) With a Miracle Save


Geoff Cameron’s Terrible Mistake Gave Portugal an Extremely Soft Goal

Pretty terrible.

U.S. Fan Captures Incredible Instagram of John Brooks’ Game-Winning Goal

You can feel the excitement.

Rob Ford Celebrated the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold Medal With Typical Restraint

The Canadians’ amazing gold medal victory over the United States in women’s hockey has everyone north of the border pounding […]

Chris Wondolowski Scored 3 Goals for the United States and We Couldn’t Even Get Him a Proper Jersey

The United States blasted Belieze last night, 6-1, in its Gold Cup opener. That wasn’t very surprising. Chris Wondolowski’s performance, on the other hand, raised

This Hella Cool Map of United States Accents Will Keep Y’all Occupied for a Wicked Long Time

Apparently in some parts of this fine country, a garage sale is a "rummage sale."

Germany Allowed an Atrocious Own Goal Against the United States

The United States and Germany played an international friendly yesterday in Washington D.C. Our European adversaries took the friendliness to a new and hilarious level

Bernard James’ ‘U-S-A’ Moment Was the Best Part of the NBA Draft

Bernard James was the feel-good story of last night’s NBA Draft.

Move Over Captain America: Sgt. Llewellyn Chilson Was an Absolute Boss

Who needs fictional heroes like Captain America when we have brave, real-life bad@$$es like World War II's Llewellyn Chilson? Though he passed away 30 years