The Drunkest Dad Of The Year Is This Dad Who Got Shitfaced At A Bar, Blacked Out And Then Woke Up In France


Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out in your front lawn because the extra 10-foot walk to your front door was just too far away.


These Graphs Definitively Prove That The United States Is Populated By Stupid Fucktubs In Comparison To The UK


When I walk down the street I like to pretend that I’m surrounded by intelligent, well-adjusted people.

united kingdom

Freshers Week in the U.K.: ‘Slut Dropping’ Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Many American colleges catch grief for the occasional off-color Orientation Week party.

Video games

Yet another pedophile has been caught thanks to a Nintendo DS


Remember the story about the priest whose affinity to kiddie porn was traced back to his used DS.


Watch This UK Police Officer Get Hit at Full Speed By a Stolen Car and Then Chase the Perp Down


It's absolutely astonishing the police officer in this video could survive this impact, let alone stand up and tase the perpetrator, thus taking him into custody.

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