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The British Are Doing So Much Cocaine It’s Contaminating Their Drinking Water

Those wacky Euros.

Town Has a Penis-Shaped Christmas Light Display

Working during the holidays sucks. Just ask anyone who's ever waited tables on a bunch of drunks at an office holiday Christmas party or the

Watch a Cyclist and Driver Fiercely Clash After Accident in the U.K.

Man. After an Audi slams into a cyclist on a narrow road somewhere in the U.K., a fight erupts between the two that would be

Freshers Week in the U.K.: ‘Slut Dropping’ Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Many American colleges catch grief for the occasional off-color Orientation Week party. And some of the grief is deserved—there are parties thrown in colleges every

Vicky Pattison, the Star of the UK’s ‘Jersey Shore,’ Is Much Hotter Than Her American Counterpart…

Gents, meet Vicky Pattison. This minx is on the UK's fish-n-chips equivalent to the "Jersey Shore,"  known on Old Blighty as the "Geordie Shore." Her

Watch This UK Police Officer Get Hit at Full Speed By a Stolen Car and Then Chase the Perp Down

It's absolutely astonishing the police officer in this video could survive this impact, let alone stand up and tase the perpetrator, thus taking