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Here are Some of the Most Outrageous Umpires in Baseball History

Settle down, fellas.

This Umpire’s Strikeout Call Is Utterly Fucking Ridiculous


Terribly Unfortunate Umpire Gets Nailed in Groin by Line Drive


How Badly Did the Umpires Screw the Oakland A’s Last Night?

Angel Hernandez is one of the worst umpires in Major League Baseball. Don’t take my word for it – it’s a known fact. So it’s

Umpire John Hershbeck Takes Foul Ball Directly to Nuts

I’m a firm believer that umpires are underappreciated. Compared to players, their salaries are small, and they have to deal with a people complaining all

Bad Strike Three Call for the Ages Ends Rangers-Rays Game

Umpire Marty Foster apparently had post-work plans last night. He somehow ruled a Joe Nathan breaking ball strike three, effectively giving the Texas Rangers a

Little League Team Advances to World Series Thanks to Possible Blown Appeal at Third Base

Here's something we missed with the Olympics taking up our attention over the weekend: This crazy, unfortunate way to end a regional Little League World

Insane Umpire Ejects Stadium ‘Music Guy’ for Playing Non-Lyrical Version of ‘Three Blind Mice’

Quite possibly the best thing I've seen in weeks. A minor league, home-plate umpire ejecting a stadium employee because he played "three blind mice" after

Minor League Baseball Manager Meltdowns Never Get Old

Joe Mikulik is a minor league baseball manager with the ability to throw a big-league tantrum. You probably remember him as the guy who dove

New York Yankees OF Dewayne Wise Tricks Umpire into Thinking He Made Incredible Catch

New York Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise crashed into the stands last night trying to catch a foul pop fly down the line. He clearly

Jim Leyland Has Had it Up to Here With Terrible Umpires

The Detroit Tigers got absolutely boned on a call in their 7-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox yesterday and manager Jim Leyland was not

Toronto Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie Throws His Helmet at an Umpire

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie became enraged by consecutive strike calls in the ninth inning of last night’s game against the Tampa Bay

Jeff Kellogg Becomes Best Umpire Ever by Tackling Streaker in Baltimore

Jeff Kellogg is the best umpire ever. After a shirtless streaker ran onto the field and slid into home plate during last night’s