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UMass Guard Derrick Gordon Is Divison I College Basketball’s First Openly Gay Player


Young Tennessee Fan Takes the Awesome Pic with UMass Cheerleaders, Might Be the Biggest Bro King Ever

Bravo to this kid for perfectly trolling the UMass Minutemen. Did any of the UMass cheerleaders even understand what his sign means?

UMass Amherst Annual St. Paddy’s Day Party Gets Very Turnt, 73 Kids Turn Up in Jail

Car bombs, anyone?

I’m Shmacked x the University of Massachusetts

Back in March, I'm Shmacked went to Amherst, Massachusetts to rage at the 33rd best party school in the country. The video makes the case of

Is UMass Blarney Blowout a Top 10 College St. Patty’s Day Party?

People have been sending this video of UMass's Blaney Blowout party on Saturday asking us to post it. It's about time we did. We'll ask

UMass’ Sampson Carter Provides Us With the Best Moment of the Young College Basketball Season

Why is this Tuesday different from all other Tuesdays? Well, because this one gave us a game-winning buzzer-beater before noon.

UMass Football Coach Brings in Police Officers to Serve Players—With Scholarships

The University of Massachusetts' football team is 0-7, but for what they're lacking this season in success on the field, they're making up in feel-good

After the Patriots Lost the Super Bowl UMass Rioted

The streets of New York were a human zoo last night so I can only imagine the violence that ensued in Boston after

Watch Paul Markham’s Music Video Ode to UMASS

Paul Markham recently dropped a little music video ode to UMass Amherst. It's called 'Welcome To The Zoo.' As a whole, we think