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GOOD NEWS EDM FANS: Miami Isn’t Going to Cancel Ultra Next Year!!!

Good news, raver Bros: Despite what was previously reported, your annual PLUR-life molly-popping extravaganza in Miami isn't going to be canceled. Woooo! Book those tickets.

I’m Shmacked Went to Ultra and RAGED their Faces Off, Bitches

Our impresario OGs at I'm Shmacked headed to Ultra a couple weeks ago to get TURNT UP with electro/house Bros DVBBS, who BLEW UP the

Miami’s Mayor Made a Video of Just How Terrible EDM Fans Are at Ultra, Plans to Cancel the Festival

It's no secret that EDM fans act like animals hopped up on Special K at Ultra, their annual spring PLUR cult orgy in Miami.

Deadmau5 Pulls an Epic Troll During His Ultra Set, Then Gets In a Pissing-match with Tiësto RE: Avicii

I'm 100% convinced that big name EDM DJs are the biggest douchebag divas in the world.

Does Anyone Know Why Avicii Had to Go to the Hospital? Is Ultra Cursed?

Apparently there's some speculation that Miami's big EDM festival week is "CUUUUUUURSED" this year. Avicii and Afrojack have both had to go to the hospital.

Arty, ATB, and Lil Jon: The Hottest Party In Miami Next Weekend Is at The Clevelander Hotel

You guys ready for Ultra/WMC weekend?

Ultra Music Festival Announces Its 2014 Line-Up

Book those planet tickets to Miami: Ultra just announced its line-up for the 2013 Ultra Music Festival. Here's what's interesting about this year: It's not just going

Dancing ‘Toothpaste Man’ at Ultra Has Mad Swag

If you go to a lot of music festivals, you get used to seeing weird things, like naked Bros dancing with cops and people dry-humping

Shocker: Naked Guy Dancing With Cops at Ultra Music Festival Gets Arrested

Remember the girl at Ultra Music Festival last year, allegedly tripping face, who dry-humped a tree? Well this video is sorta like that, except it's

Going to Ultra? Avicii Will Have a Hotel in Miami for You Ravers to Tweak At or Something

Or whatever it is you ravers do on your soul-searching quarter-life crisis March trips to Ultra to "find molly." On the heels of this weekend's Ultra

Ultra Music Festival Announces Two Weekend Festival for 2013

One of the most major electronic dance music festivals in the world, UMF, finally announced that the 15th edition of their event will be hosted

I’m Shmacked—University of Miami x Ultra Music Fest 2012 with Justice

What would be a roving college party video series without a stop at the 2012 Ultra Music Festival? The guys from I'm Shmacked

EDM Takes Over the World: A Look Back at the 2012 Ultra Music Festival

Electronic dance music is taking over the United States of America. If the scales of the 27th annual Miami Music Week and 13th annual Ultra

Photos from the 2012 Ultra Music Festival

Pics from the 2012 Ultra Music Festival, via Techibeats.com. 

Girl Tripping Out at Ultra Makes Out with a Tree (Video)

It happens every year: The first few days after a big music festival, our inboxes get flooded with videos like this. Here we have a

Deadmau5’s Epic Facebook Rant Hating on Madonna’s ‘Has Anyone Seen Molly?’ Intro to Avicii at Ultra

On Saturday night, Madonna opened Avicii's set at Ultra by coyly asking "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?" Deadmau5, who was also

Not In Miami? Get Your Ultra Music Festival Live Stream On Right Here, All Weekend Long

It's Ultra weekend down in Miami. Didn't make the trip? It's cool, you can still rage face on the couch tour. After the jump, check

The Trailer for the Ultra Music Festival Documentary Is Insane

Good f*cking lord. As if Ultra wasn't big enough, today we learn that a full-length feature doc*mentary will drop supporting the kick-off of

Here’s the Line-Up for the 2012 Ultra Music Festival

Hope you got round-trip airfare to Miami in your stockings, electronic musicheads. Tiësto headlines Friday night. Avicii on Saturday night. David Guetta on

Watch the Awesome Teaser Trailer for Miami’s Ultra 2012

Electronic musicheads: This 45-second tease will give you a hard-on for 2012's Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Sure, the line-up hasn't been announced