leslie smith s bloody injury

GRAPHIC: You Do Not Want To Watch MMA Fighter Leslie Smith’s Ear Get Torn In Half And Explode


Well I did warn you in the headline, so you have nobody to be mad at when you become queasy after watching this gruesome video.

octagon girls

Luciana Andrade, The Newest UFC Octagon Girl, Has Got One Slammin’ Body On Her

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Luciana Andrade is the UFC's newest Octagon Girl, repping their shows in Brazil along with Jhenny Andrade and Camila Oliveira.

ronda rousey

Ronda Rousey Goes Topless, Shows Cleavage In Her HOTTEST Photoshoot Yet


Ronda Rousey, when she isn't trying to punch Michelle Rodriguez's face off in Furious 7, apparently has now become a fashion model.


Watch Every Hilarious Mistake From UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg’s First, And Probably Last, NFL Game


UFC announcer Mike Goldberg had a rough weekend in the NFL on Fox booth.


Is Brock Lesnar Already Training For A Move To UFC?


Brock Lesnar hasn't been on WWE television since a main event loss to Doink The Clown that saw the Nation of Domination run interference for the current champion.

bar fights

Watch UFC Fighter Cody Gibson Get Punched HARD In The Face In A Bar Brawl


Cody "The Renegade" Gibson decided to go out for a few drinks after his narrow loss to Manny Gamburyan at UFC 178 the other day when a guy who appeared to have at least a full foot and at least 50 pounds on him decided that Gibson hadn't had enough fighting for the evening and started threatening him before throwing a HARD right hand right directly to Gibson's face.


Ronda Rousey Is Looking HOT In A Bikini In Brand New Photo Shoot


We already knew that UFC badass Ronda Rousey had a pretty sick body on her thanks to her fights and well, that dress she wore to The Expendables 3 premiere you see above, but until today we haven't seen much if any pics of her wearing a bikini.

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