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Facebook Troll Challenges UFC Veteran To Fight At His Gym And Gets Obliterated

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The whole beauty about being a troll on the internet is the ability to be anonymous and to talk shit to celebrities that you never have intentions of actually confronting in real life.


Daniel Bryan Comes Face-To-Face With The UFC Fighter He Stole The ‘YES!’ Chant From


"Daniel Bryan owes his entire career UFC fighter Diego Sanchez" is something JBL would say during Raw to incite the hardcore Daniel Bryan supporters and piss off half of Twitter.

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UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer’s 2015 Calendar Has The SEXY Cranked All The Way Up To 11


I still don't know a single person who buys a wall calendar here in 2015, but if I were to buy one I think it might be UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer's because, JEEZUS look at some of the photos that appear in this thing.

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