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LA News Station Reporting on the Flooding of UCLA’s Campus Get’s Pranked by Man Named ‘Louis Slungpue’

His name was Louis Slungpue. Louis SLUNG-POO.

UCLA Unveils New ‘LA Steel’ Uniforms for the 2014 Football Season, They’re Fuckin’ Sizzlin’

Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap. Fap.

These UCLA Hotties Recreated The Last Supper…But With Franzia, Beer & Pizza

Just the way Jesus intended for it to be done.

Zach LaVine Has an Insane 46-Inch Vertical Jump

Serious ups.

I’m In Love with This UCLA Chick Who Gives Zero Fucks

This UCLA girl is grade-A wifey material.After UCLA beat cross-town rival USC, 35-14, this UCLA gal climbed the Tommy Trojan statue to give a bunch of USC

UCLA Ran Their First Play With 10 Men as a Tribute to Nick Pasquale

Last night, UCLA played its first home game since the death of wide receiver Nick Pasquale. The Bruins honored their fallen teammate by running their

UCLA Releases Hella Dope, Super Epic, Ultra Swagsauce ‘L.A. Midnight’ Uniforms

See what I did with that headline, UCLA Athletic Department/ADIDAS? I gave you all the super fluffy Internet superlatives you're fishing for with these uniforms.

Guys, What Should We Do About Yafa?

We’re in a pickle here at BroBible HQ. Yafa lets us know every time he has a new video and we usually post it. You

A Bro Asks UCLA Students if Brunettes or Blondes Are Better

This Yafa fellow only wanted one thing growing up, and that was to be an interviewer. And look here, he IS an interviewer.

The Great Fratsby: ‘The Great Gatsby’ Recut for Fratstars

Amazing video from UCLA. Some genius video editor recut the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" to make it about Greek Life at UCLA. Well

UCLA Students Send a Message to USC (Written in Dorm Lights) Prior to This Saturday’s Showdown

This Saturday, the UCLA Bruins welcome the USC Trojans into their house in what will prove to be a clash for the ages (or something

Finally, the Dubstep/Rap Tribute to ‘UCLA Girls’ the World’s Been Waiting For

A new post popped up in the Brommunity earlier today promoting "a new, explosive track about UCLA glorifying our campus females as we

Watch This Guy Get Completely Rejected When Proposing On a JumboTron at a UCLA Game

Soooo.... This is akward. Ouch. Love hurts, dude. Someone buy this man a beer.

Here’s the Arizona ‘Streaker’ Taking Off His Clothes And Getting Tackled By Security

Here it is, the video you've been waiting for all day. A video from the stands of last night's now-legendary Arizona ref streaker

Streaker Dressed As Ref Blows a Play Dead, Runs on the Field, and Causes a Brawl During Arizona-UCLA

What a prank of epic proportions in Tuscon! Right before the halftime of Arizona's blowout against UCLA, a student (probably?) dressed as a

Meet Chris Jeon, the 21-Year Old UCLA Student Who Spent His Summer Fighting Alongside Libyan Rebels

So, what'd you do this summer? Bring coffee to ungrateful employees at an internship? Maybe lifeguard for minimum wage at your neighborhood country club? Backpack

VIDEO: UCLA Student Rants Against Asians’ Cell-Phone Habits

Here's a video of UCLA student sitting in her dorm room ranting to the world that Asian students at UCLA talk too loudly on their

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen to UCLA Baseball Team: ‘Stay Off Crack. Drink Chocolate Milk’

It's a pretty well-known fact that Charlie Sheen loves baseball. In high school he played shortstop and, when "Major League" came out in 1989, he

VIDEO: Drunk Grandma Grinds Dirty at the USC-UCLA Tailgate

Props to our friends at Guyism, who found this incredible video of a drunk grandmother -- outfitted head to toe in USC Trojan gear, natch --

VIDEO: Rival Fans Brawl, Stab Each Other Before the USC-UCLA Game

Want to see a dirty tailgate fight in the Rose Bowl parking lot that resulted in two men getting stabbed, one man in jail for