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UC Berkley Sex Columnist Explains Why Her Campus Sexcapade Is Not a Newsworthy Event

One week ago, UC Berkley sex columnist Nadia Cho made international headlines for a tell-all article in The Daily Californian describing how she had sex

UC Berkeley Continues to Kick Ass this Week As Students Hold Dead Week Naked Run in Library

I think I need to take a pilgrimage out to UC Berkeley and examine this campus in the flesh. Earlier this week, student Nadia Cho

Female Student at UC Berkeley Explains How She Had Sex All Over Campus

Everyone with a pulse in their genitalia has wanted to have sex in a campus building or public grounds during college. Whether it be in

The Acoustic Version of ‘Gangnam Style’ is Hot Fire

As opposed to cold fire, this acoustic version of "Gangnam Style," performed by some folks at UC Berkley, is hot. What's not hot, however, is

Logging Face Time with Up-and-Coming Rapper/Cal-Berkeley Wide Reciever ‘Loggy’

    This past summer, up-and-coming raper Alex Lagemann, who goes by the stage name "Loggy," dropped his rookie mix tape, "New Kid." A junior at Cal-Berkeley,