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This UC Berkeley Bro Wrote A Rap About Fucking College Chicks

UC Berkeley banger right here -- both the song and the guy singing it, AMIRIGHT?

Children Exposed to Penis Man and a ‘Pin-the-Tail on the Anus’ Game While Visiting UC Berkeley

Hot Tip, UC Berkeley: Maybe don’t have kids visiting your campus during your¬†National Condom Week celebration, which, for some fantastic […]

UC Berkeley Facebook Page Helps Students Locate the Stranger They Drunkenly Banged Last Night

That does it, my son is going to UC Berkeley. I mean, why the fuck would he go anywhere else? (Don't answer that.)

Check Out This UC-Berkeley Student’s RIDICULOUS Automated Dorm, Complete with Avicii LED Light Show

WOW. The dorm room of the future has arrived. It's complete with an Electric Daisey Carnival-worthy light show, a "romantic mode" to set