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Alabama Fan’s Anti-Auburn Shirt Ignores All the Rules of ‘Wheel of Fortune’

I would like to buy a singular U, Pat.

The Miami Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nets But Lost Their Testicles


The German Version of “How I Met Your Mother” Sounds Much Better


Celebrate Florida State’s 34-31 Loss to Auburn in the BCS Title Game With This Shirt

Well, this is a fail. 

Chris Wondolowski Scored 3 Goals for the United States and We Couldn’t Even Get Him a Proper Jersey

The United States blasted Belieze last night, 6-1, in its Gold Cup opener. That wasn’t very surprising. Chris Wondolowski’s performance, on the other hand, raised

High School Girl Will Miss Her Friends, The Teachers She Boned

She came. She saw. She made her teachers come. She conquered.

Today in Unfortunate Newspaper Ad Placement

Wow. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Carlos Pena is the Next Hitler, According to Terrible Typo

Closed captioning fail.

University of Texas Offering a Pubic Affairs Degree

Oh boy. This is a hairy situation. Those attending this weekend’s commencement at the University of Texas’ School of Public Affairs were privy to a

Reporter’s Quest to Get High School Softball Stats Derailed by Coach’s Bullsh*t, Laziness

Louisiana’s Rayne Independent has a circulation of 3,600. It also has one sportswriter who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, standards be damned.

At the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Sh*t Happens

Finally, a newspaper that gets me and the way I like to relax. Beautiful woman on a beautiful beach? Check. Free reign to soil myself

Giants Are Super Bowl Champions, Reports Team’s Website

Well, this certainly takes some of the intrigue out of tomorrow night's game. Giants.com preemptively crowned a Super Bowl champion for a brief period this

Stupid F*ckers Sign Up For Thing, Suffolk Journal Reports

Suffolk University's Student Leadership and Involvement fair was a success. The school newspaper's coverage of the event, however, ran into a bit of trouble.