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This Tyga and Game Song Is the Hardest Hitting Diss Record in Quite Some Time

I've listened to this three times and it's taking everything in my power to not go into the street and set cardboard boxes on fire.

New Cris Cab, Tyga, The Dean’s List, deadmau5, Wax, Cam Meekins, and More

I took a little vacay last week, so apologies for letting the daily music posts slip through the cracks. But we're right back at you

New A$AP Rocky, Sammy Adams, Tyga, and T.I.

I took a little vacay last week, so we fell a little bit behind on the new tunes. No worries, the fresh dopeness has arrived.

Girl Runs Away from the Cops While Screaming Tyga’s ‘Rack City’

Greatest campus police blotter item ever? Quite possibly. Hard to believe this is even real. If it is, totally worth it, Alyssa

Here’s the ‘Rack City’ Remix Video You’ve Been Waiting For

Face it bro, you love Tyga's 'Rack City'. What's better than 'Rack City'? How about a 'Rack City' remix with Wale, Meek Mill, Fabolous, T.I.

Is ‘Pat City’ the Super Bowl Anthem for the New England Patriots?

For better or worse, with two idle weeks before the Super Bowl, it gives "music artists" a chance to come up with tribute