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Jimmy Kimmel Dropped ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets 8′ On Us Last Night


Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' franchise is consistently one of the best late night segments on TV.

justin timberlake

Some Zero On Twitter Called Justin Timberlake A Bandwagon Memphis Grizzlies Fan, Got Owned


The Memphis Grizzlies look like one of the best teams in the NBA so far this season and local boy Justin Timberlake is excited about it.


SantaCon Is Coming To Brooklyn, Because Brooklyn Is Bro As Fuck Now, And NYC Media Twitter Is PISSED


Depending on who you are, SantaCon is either the greatest or worst thing to happen to New York City.


SNL’s Pete Davidson Goes In On A Twitter Account Who Reminded Him His Dad Died On 9/11


Saturday Night Live rookie Pete Davidson just celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend.


Watch As These Stone-Faced Feminists Read Mean Tweets From Trolls

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Anonymity on the Internet is a pretty special phenomenon, as it allows anyone to say anything they want without fear of any repercussion.

dan bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian Made A Joke About His PR Guy’s Anus On Twitter, PR Guy Is Really Butt Hurt About It


The shock and awe campaign of "look at all the 'Fuck You' money I have" that Dan Bilzerian hit the Internet with is getting to the point of "YAWN.

jose canseco

Jose Canseco Posted A Photo Of His Hand On Twitter, Still Unsure If He’ll Be Able To Keep Finger


As we previously reported, Jose Canseco shot off his middle finger last night while cleaning his gun.


Keegan Bradley Reminded Michael Jordan On Twitter That He Always Beats Him At Golf, MJ’s Reply Was Vintage MJ


Michael Jordan took over the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account yesterday for a Q&A with Hornets fans -- or, more likely, Michael Jordan fans.


Republican Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Made A Pretty Compelling Argument Blaming Obama For Ebola


  Nick Muzin, an advisor and deputy chief of staff to Ted Cruz, wasted no time making a politically charged point on Twitter last night after a case of ebola was confirmed in New York City.

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