Republican Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Made A Pretty Compelling Argument Blaming Obama For Ebola


  Nick Muzin, an advisor and deputy chief of staff to Ted Cruz, wasted no time making a politically charged point on Twitter last night after a case of ebola was confirmed in New York City.


Conan O’Brien Got BURNED When He Tweeted That He’s Going As ‘Slutty Madeleine Albright’ For Halloween


Best Twitter burn I've seen in a long, long time from the former Secretary of State.

social media

This Video Shows What A Bunch Of Creepy Oddballs Social Media Has Turned Us Into


If you watch this and think to yourself “Oh cool I don’t do any of these things.


TWC News In Austin Tweeted A Traffic Update Last Night. Just Kidding! They Posted Photos Of Guy’s Dicks Instead.


You would think that if you are using your work computer for storing tons of pornography (straight or gay) that you would be extra careful when operating, and posting photos to, your company's Twitter account.


Girlfriend Finds Out Her Boyfriend Is Sexting His Ex, Girlfriend Tweets What Happened Next


A college girl found out her boyfriend was stepping out on her via some naughty sexting to his ex.

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes Tweeted At 6AM To Personally Address What’s Going On With Her


It's been several months since Amanda Bynes has updated her three million Twitter followers with what's going on in her life.

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