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This Indian Dude Is Such a Boss… Found A Way To Have a Threesome Every Single Night

Guy is straight living in the dream.

Twin Sisters Get the Most Insane Plastic Surgery Ever, Share the Same Boyfriend for Sex


ADORABLE ALERT: Watch a Confused Girl Meet Her Dad’s Twin Brother

This video has been floating around the internet this weekend, but I just got to watching it today. 

Twins Pull Off Teleporting Prank, Look Similar

The premise of this prank is that identical twins look identical. It’s high-minded because they have British accents.

How F’n Hot Are These Twins? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

At least I think they're twins...Either way, they're hot and that's all that really matters in this column and in life. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Are Mariana and Camila Davalos the Sexiest Twins Alive?

They're certainly trying to be, that's for sure. In this video the Davalos twins are bringing the heat. And blistering heat is something we love

The Twins Ben Revere Had Some Incredible Catch Last Night

The level of difficultly for Ben Revere's catch last night, to rob Vlad Guerreo, has to be a 9.9 out of 10. Snatching