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Ever Wanted To See Nicki Minaj’s Butt Explode? Then Play This New Game Called ‘Tap That’

Because why not.

You Will Sh*t Bricks When You See Who’s In The Crowd Watching These Hotties Twerk On Stage

Worst crowd ever.

Here’s Some Smoking Hot Chicks Twerking Because They Have Butts and Boobs And Just Watch It

This is the most important news you'll read all day.

Would You Be Interested in Seeing Nicki Minaj and Her Friends Twerking?

Because we have that exact content.

Nina Agdal Posted a Video of Her Friend Twerking and Who Are We Not to Share?

America's foremost aggregator of Nina Agdal's Instagram account.

Vine Of a Grandma Twerking On Top of a Car Will Ruin Your Lunch

Were you hungry for lunch? Maybe stepping outside the office for a little Chipotle burrito bowl this afternoon?

Here Is a Video of Hot 36-Year-Old Nicole Scherzinger Twerking Her Butt Off

Who says being in your 30s sucks?

You Can Watch Jack Black Twerk In The New Weird Al Music Video, If That’s Something You’re Into

Jack Black does whatever he wants, when he wants.

Chick Famous for Making Twerking Videos Makes Epic Twerking Video

I don't know who Jessica Vanessa is but her twerking skills are ridiculous.

Russian Twerkers Make Us Forget We’re Supposed to Be Mad at Russia

Had twerking been around in the 80s, it could've ended the Cold War.

Turnt Kentucky Girls Twerk Their Butts Off During Kentucky Derby Week

We need to get an STD test after watching this.

These Three 20-Year-Olds Were Arrested for Meth After Spotted Twerking on City Hall

Believe it or not, this didn’t happen in Florida. Oregon, actually! These three girls were spotted twerking on City Hall […]

Just a Video of Amber Rose Twerking

Just Wiz Khalifa's baby's momma Amber Rose twerking away to A$AP Ferg's "Shabba." Your welcome, Internet.

Teen Twerk Party Designs Poster with Martin Luther King; Gets Itself Canceled

Just a thought: Maybe don't include a photoshopped image of Martin Luther King when promoting your "Freedom 2 Twerk" teen party? I'm no expert of the 1960s Civil

Juicy J’s Twerking Scholarship Goes to Single Mom

After months of speculation and intrigue and ass shaking, Juicy J finally announced the winner of his twerking scholarship today: Zaire Holmes, a 19-year-old single

Stripper Gets Trapped Behind Lockers After Twerking Fail

If you needed yet another reminder that the human race's time on earth will surely be finite, here's a motherfucking stripper getting trapped behind a

Someone Made a Song Called ‘Twerking Around the Ratchet Tree’

This is the most 2013 song ever. 

Victoria’s Secret Models Caught Twerking Backstage on Instagram

Victoria's Secret model Cara Delevingne is a HERO...

Turnt WVU Girl Twerks and Booty-Pops In the Stands During a Basketball Game While Bros Throw Cash

During Tuesday night's WVU-Gonzaga game, a female Mountaineer provided the half-time entertainment from the student section. A girl started intensely twerking and booty-popping, attracting quite

Words From 2013 We Need To Retire

2014 is going to be "twerk"-free and I can't freaking wait for it. 

Bills Fan Twerks In the Crowd While Some Dudes Throw Cash At Her

A couple of weeks ago I hung out with a bunch of Bills fans when they descended on New Orleans to play the Saints. Something

TwerkOut WerkOut Is An Actual Thing That Might Be Coming to a Gym Near You

Sweet, loaf of bread-sized baby Jesus, Twerking is now going to be a workout.

One Spectacular Twerking GIF, Plus 25 Hot Girls in Yoga Pants

Hot girls in yoga pants, how we do love thee. Lots and lots and lots and lots of thee. Here are 25 pics of girls

In Candid Interview, Michael Jordan Says He Doesn’t Know What Twerking Is

He says a lot more interesting stuff, too, but this is a website in 2013 so: TWERKING. 

Vanessa Hudgens Says ‘My Ass Is Small, But I Twerk Like It’s Big’

OMG... World, a GIF of Vanessa Hudgens twerking has hit the 'Net. Pretty sure this chick would break your dlck off. 

Hot Tennis Player Victoria Azarenka Has an Epic Twerking Video

Belarusian tennis babe Victoria Azarenka loves social media just as much as the rest of us do, so she made this ridiculous twerking video for her

Ranking the Funniest FCC Complaints About Miley Cyrus’s Twerking VMAs Performance

Grandma's PISSED.... 

Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Reveals That ‘Worst Twerk Fail Ever’ Was His Prank

Last week, a video of the "Worst Twerk Fail Ever" went super-viral, registering nearly 10 million YouTube views. It wasn't hard to see why: The

Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Is Back For Her Hottest Instagram Video Yet

You guys... Who gives a sh*t about twerking?! Our favorite surfer girl, Anastasia Ashley -- who came by our office to hang out a couple

Headlines You Can’t Make Up: ‘Miley Cyrus Spanks a Twerking Dwarf’

On Saturday night, Miley Cyrus took the stage in Germany for a live television performance of "We Can't Stop" on the German TV show Schlagg Den

This is the Worst and Most Hilarious Twerk Fail Ever. We Promise You.

This chick is on fire! 

Finally, the Twerking Guide for Moms You Haven’t Been Waiting For

"The family that twerks together, stays together!" Just ask Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus Have a Song Called ‘Twerk’ Featuring Lil Twist

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have released a song together called "Twerk." It features a verse by swaggy Bro's BFF rapper, Lil Twist. Just try

Diplo Is Going to Try to Break a World Record for Twerking at Electric Zoo This Weekend

Though the world might need a little bit of a breather after Miley Cyrus's twerk-filled VMA performance, Diplo is going to try to break a

Miley Cyrus Twerked EVERYWHERE In Weirdest VMA Performance Of All Time

Well, Miley Cyrus wins the award for the most WTF?!?!?!? performance of the night. Cyrus took the stage at the Barclay's Center to perform "We

Chris Willis, Sizzling Twerk Mixes, and What’s Hot This Week

It's already been a long week, and I'm beyond tired, but I owe you guys music, and I alway pay what I owe, so let's

Is This the Twerk Anthem of the Year?

Move over, Miley Cyrus... According to one BroBible tipster, Grandtheft and Skratch Bastid's "Miley," is the undisputed best twerking anthem of 2013. Agree? Other contenders? Comments! 

This Is the Most Ridiculous Supercut of Animals Twerking You’ll Watch Today

The Huffington Post has compiled a bat-shit crazy supercut of animals twerking. That's right... Animals getting their booty-poppin' Miley Cyrus on for the Internet's entertainment.

Miley Cyrus’ Music Video For ‘We Can’t Stop’ Is Kinda Creepy When You Remove The Music

Everyone thought that the music video for We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus was the holy grail of white girl twerking when it first came

Watch a German Man Go on an Excellent Rant Regarding this Whole ‘Tverking’ Thing

This German man has some issue with the "dancing move." Quality YouTube rants may be hard to come by, but this one is a perfect