chris pratt

Chris Pratt Is A Fortune Teller: 4 Years Ago He Predicted That He’d Star In ‘Jurassic Park 4′


Chris Pratt is on top of the world right now, coming off the Summer's best movie in Guardians of the Galaxy, and yesterday the trailer dropped for Jurassic World.


Australian TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year To Make A Point, Did It Work?

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After noticing that his female co-anchors on Australia's TODAY morning show would often take flack for their outfits by users on social media, co-host Karl Stefanovic decided to undertake a social experiment.

south park

‘South Park’s’ ‘Please Drink Responsibly’ Ad Is The Best Damn Drinking Ad We’ve Ever Seen


In last night's "Freemium Isn't Free" episode of South Park they dropped the world's greatest drinking ad.


Who’s The Hot Girl In The New Nationwide Insurance Burglar Commercials?

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The hot Nationwide Insurance girl is back at it again this year -- creeping around houses in tight clothes and replacing items lost in burglary, fires and any other reason people might lose a hallway lamp.

Where They At Doe

This TV Anchor From West Virginia CANNOT Dance—But That Didn’t Stop Him When ‘Where They At Doe?’ Came On


I'm not saying this guy doesn't have any moves whatsoever, but from where I'm sitting it appears that he has but ONE move, and it involves using iPads as his props while dancing to T.


‘Portlandia’ Is Back And This Time They’re Making Fun Of Dead Goths


This new clip from the season 5 premiere of Portlandia does raise a good question -- what does a goth funeral look like.

key and peele

Key And Peele Take On That One Weird Friend Who Never Laughs Out Loud, You Know The One I’m Talking About


Everyone knows that one person who never laughs, they sort of squirm, move their hands around, snap, whatever.

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