Wait A Second… Is A New Season Of ‘How To Make It In America’ Actually Happening?


HBO's How To Make It In America enjoyed its time in the sun back in 2010 and 2011.

bar rescue

Why Do Some Bars On ‘Bar Rescue’ Still Fail After Being Rescued? — A Talk With Jon Taffer

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"You’re talking to a guy who buys and sells restaurants and bars with no connection to them," Jon Taffer tells me over the phone.

liz hurley

Do You Want To See 49-Year-Old Liz Hurley In A Thong?


Do you remember how shagadelic Liz Hurley was in Austin Powers.

tv shows

Watch Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazing, Emotional Rant About The BBC And ‘Top Gear’


We really haven't posted a lot about the saga over in the United Kingdom involving Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC Show Top Gear.

walk of shame

Watch Girls In The ‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Talk About What Makes A Girl Basic

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A few years ago we broke a story about a girl at the University of Michigan who started a so-called "walk of shame shuttle.

tv shows

Two Judges On New Zealand’s Version Of The ‘X Factor’ Eviscerate A Contestant For How He Looks, Are Promptly Fired


The X Factor in New Zealand has recently fired judges Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon after the pair took a contestant to task for how he looked during his performance of one of Moon's songs.


Watch The Mountain From ‘GoT’ Break A World Record By Throwing A 56-Pound Weight Over 19 Feet In The Air


Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, AKA "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones, was at the Arnold Classic this past weekend showcasing his strength by casually breaking a world record during the strongman portion of the competition.

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