This Is What It Looks Like When You Hit A Turkey With Your Car Going 95mph (Dash Cam Video)

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Newsflash: If you hit a turkey with your car while driving 95-miles-per-hour both the bird and your car are going to end up wrecked.

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Stealth Pooper Drops Soggy Logs On Crowded Hospital Floor, Walks Away Undetected


Turkey is truly a unique phenomenon, because it's the 'Florida' of both Europe and the Middle East.

overpriced beer

Dude Gets Busted Trying To Smuggle An Entire Case Of Beer Into Soccer Match


I don't know how much beer costs at a Turkish soccer match, but I do know that a 24 oz Goose Island IPA sets me back $11 at a Yankees game.


Here’s Jessie J Twerkin’ Her Butt Off While Wearing A Turkey On Her Head Because Something Something Holidays


Via Instagram There's no better reason to upload of a video of yourself twerking while wearing a Turkey on your head than the holiday season.


Snotty Brat Tests The Patience Of Man, Gets Dealt With Like A Filthy Goat Herder


Where the heck is the parent as this video is taking place.


Turkish Fans Boo Lustily During Moment Of Silence For Murdered Serbian Basketball Fan


Marko Ivkovic, a fan of Serbian basketball team Red Star Belgrade, was killed by a group of Turkish supporters on his way to a Euroleague game Friday night.


This Turkey Is The Thanksgiving Übermensch—Can Sit On Command Like A Dog


This is not your every day run of the mill turkey, this turkey is is übermensch of Thanksgiving, it has evolved into a greater being than other turkeys.

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Turkey has plug and play internet donkeys because WHY THE HELL NOT?!


What better way to bring the Internet to farmers than by strapping it on the backs of donkeys, amirite.


This turkey is living the life


Man, look at this turkey.

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Butterball turkey ends sexism, hooray!


Cooking stereotypes are a strange collection of nonsense and sexism, but it's finally all over thanks to a bold move by Butterball.


Overacting Turkish Guy Shows Us How to Die in a Movie


If this doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will.


Camel Tries To Bite Reporter’s Head Off On Live TV


A Turkish television reporter didn't expect his assignment at a petting zoo to turn into a brush with death.


Takeru Kobayashi Sets a World Record By Stuffing His Face with 7.5 Pounds of Turkey In 10 Minutes


Once again, Kobayashi prove that he can do what isn't humanly possible by crushing 7.


Thanksgiving is for the Birds: 10 Shocking Turkey Mishaps


Editor's Note: This post is a re-issue from last November.

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