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World’s Greatest Ice Cream Man Screws With Man for 90 Seconds

Question: Is this ice cream man awesome or a dick? We're split.

Overacting Turkish Guy Shows Us How to Die in a Movie

If this doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will. From the 1974 Turkish film “Kareteci Kiz,” the scene depicts the movie’s heroine, Zeynep, gunning down a

Camel Tries To Bite Reporter’s Head Off On Live TV

A Turkish television reporter didn't expect his assignment at a petting zoo to turn into a brush with death. He didn't count on

Takeru Kobayashi Sets a World Record By Stuffing His Face with 7.5 Pounds of Turkey In 10 Minutes

Once again, Kobayashi prove that he can do what isn't humanly possible by crushing 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, shattering the previous record

Thanksgiving is for the Birds: 10 Shocking Turkey Mishaps

Editor's Note: This post is a re-issue from last November. Given the subject material, it seems appropriate for today.... The leaves have fallen, the fields

Alexander Ovechkin Spends His Summer Partying in Turkey

DC sports fans have plenty reasons to keep their heads held high this summer:  Strasburg on the mound, McNabb in a Skins jersey come September, and